Southwest Flight Attendant Surprised Two Passengers By Making Them Get Married Inflight

Two months ago I explained that inflight wedding proposals have become completely de rigueur. There’s a frequent flyer program which even lets you redeem miles for an inflight proposal kit.

You don’t make a marriage proposal original by being derivative.

Instead if you want to be at all unique you’re going to have to actually get married on the plane. Of course, onboard weddings have been done before, too.

So it takes a lot to be original. Fortunately a Southwest Airlines flight attendant was up to the task of an onboard wedding ceremony that was a surprise to both the bride and groom.

Taylor and Mikaela Flowers had just gotten married and were flying Southwest to Mexico on Saturday where they’d have a second ceremony and honeymoon. Taylor ordered a whiskey and told the flight attendant what he was celebrating. And the flight attendant decided they were going to get married again. On the plane.

she then began making arrangements and “attire” for the ceremony, including a veil fashioned from toilet paper, and two crowns made from pretzel baggies.

“About an hour later the stewardess came back and I was asleep and she pulled us both out of our seats and my wife asked me, ‘What did you do wrong?'” Taylor told ABC News.

The flight crew soon notified the couple of the surprise ceremony, and the two were more than happy to play along.

The bride-to-be-again walked down the aircraft aisle to the front of the cabin where the groom stood waiting with their officiant flight attendant. The couple had to repeat these vows:

“We vow to love each other, only fly Southwest, and to always put our small carry-on bags underneath the seat and not in the overhead bins

Southwest is, afterall, ticker symbol LUV and headquartered at Dallas Love Field. Their original ticketing machines were called “Quickies.”

Here’s the happy couple before actually getting married the first time, via Facebook:

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  1. Whoever said you had to be original with a proposal, Gary? Or that the intent was to be original?

  2. Excellent advertising material!!! Kudos to purser and FA team. They might get a bonus for that….

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