Cutest Thing Ever: 2 Year Old Fist Bumps Passengers While Boarding Southwest Airlines

With all of the unpleasantness of air travel — full planes, cramped seats, crazy passengers and grumpy employees — we can all use a little bit of unbridled enthusiasm. And maybe it takes a small boy to remind us of the wonder of flying, starting in one city and soaring through the sky landing somewhere else. And looking out at the window along the way.

This 2 year old was boarding a Southwest Airlines flight from Kansas City to Chicago Midway on July 20th (where they’d connect home to Raleigh).

When he was 18 months old he learned to fist bump on a flight. His mother explained,

We were waiting on the tarmac and he was getting antsy so I let him run around the aisle a little bit and these guys behind us taught him how to fist bump.”

Ever since then, everyone Guy encounters gets the friendly greeting.

So boarding his flight he shared that infectious enthusiasm with his fellow Southwest Airlines passengers:

(HT: JohnnyJet)

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  1. Gary, Gary, Gary……… truly scraping the bottom of the barrel to clutter up my inbox with schmaltz such as this.

  2. I have to hand it to you, Gary – you really do attract a special kind of Asshole to your site! Having seen the headline, I figured there would be somebody bitching about something so endearing, but I sure didn’t expect it to be the second comment in! @CoolHandLuke makes Ebenezer Scrooge look like Julie Andrews!

  3. Awesome! Glad you think is cool as I do to! There was a forum on flyertalk a couple weeks back where some kid was waving to all the people walking down the row and the forum had a fit saying they didnt want to be bothered by some kid. The moderator ended up closing it.

  4. Love it!!!
    Funny, when this fat 65-year-old (me) tries to do the same, I get the most disdainful attitude in return 😉
    I love flying, and I hope I always will.
    Thank you, Gary!

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