Secret Travel Confessions Are My Guilty Pleasure

Whether it’s insider tricks like confessions of an Enterprise Car Rental manager or just plain prurience, there’s something compelling about anonymous travel confessions.

Like this one:

Then there’s the confessions of airport workers. ‘Just because they serve you doesn’t mean they like you.’

Hotel housekeeping may or may not even change sheets between guests.

That’s gross, but the damage is limited. Not so with these alleged confessions by TSA workers.

‘I work for the TSA and have no idea what to look at when I X-ray people’s bags’.

…I work for TSA and I’m super vigilant and I work hard. I contribute to my agent to make sure 9/11 doesn’t happen again. Not on my watch. Never forget those lives lost that day on 9/11/2001!

These are anonymous posts, and the source isn’t verified. But all of these confessions, from TSA or hotel housekeeping, resonate with a certain truthiness.

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  1. “the source isn’t verified. But all of these confessions, from TSA or hotel housekeeping, resonate with a certain truthiness”

    How do you certain there’s a certain or any truthiness if the source is not even verified?

  2. This men checking men and women checking women is outdated.
    I am 1000% sure a hot heterosexual woman would rather have a man tsa agent feel her up than a lesbian. We are discriminating against women by doing this gender segregation.

  3. Using something called a dictionary (big book with few pictures but still good to crack every once in a while)…

    Don’t overestimate some people’s cognitive skills (look this one up too). If they had this capacity, trump would not have been elected.

  4. @CJ Some people, at least, who voted for Mr Trump do have cognitive skills. On the basis of the data they’d gathered and collated, they merely reached a different conclusion than those who voted for Mrs Clinton or one of the two other candidates. Voting isn’t like certain mathematics problems. There’s not but one correct answer.

    I should say that I didn’t vote for Mr Trump. I do, however, resent your inference that those who did lack cognitive skills. That sort of arrogance is an example of behavior that persuaded some with powerful cognitive skills to vote for Mr Trump, or at least not vote for Mrs Clinton.

    Their belief notwithstanding, progressives do not have a monopoly on the truth.

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