You Could Get Over Your Ex and Close on a House in Less Time Than It Takes Delta to Answer an Email

You can get over your ex in a month. And if you’re aggressive you can close on a home purchase with a 30 day escrow.

But apparently Delta is taking longer than that to answer emails.

In fact according to their twitter team it can take as long as 45 business days.

So much for Delta’s famous on time operation. If you write an email to customer service and hit send, will you even remember after 45 days?

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  1. Try calling. I assume you have elite status? Call the dedicated line.

    People who use email to contact big corporations really shouldn’t expect prompt replied.

  2. I find Twitter more effective……I usually get a tweet response from most foreign carriers within minutes or a hour at most.

  3. You should try contacting Lufthansa! That could take up to three months if at all…had this twice!! :-/

  4. You’ll get a faster response if you’re Ann Coulter. And, thankfully, a faster smackdown too.

  5. Just go ahead and do the full “I hate Delta” article rather that putting it out in chapter format.

  6. @Gene

    Maybe it is somewhat YMMV, but in June I *mailed in* a complaint letter to AA via first class mail, and within in a week a response letter from AA was in my email. No experience with DL thus far but certainly AA’s response time is satisfyingly less than 45 days.

  7. No doubt some MBA came in and told Delta that if they slow their support via Email to more than 30 days, most customers will forget and get over it.

  8. Having the same issue. Sent in an email in July. Still waiting. Tweeted delta and rep said can be longer than 30 days. I see you got at least got a time frame. This is great.

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