Woman Brags She’s Rich, Demands Alcohol, Slaps Flight Attendant and Bangs on Cockpit Door

On Thursday night a woman bragging about being rich and flying first class on American Airlines flight AA5771 — a 691 mile flight from Dallas Fort-Worth to Moline operated by Mesa Airlines with a 76 seat Bombardier CRJ-900 — grabbed a “flight attendant by the arm before slapping her in the face.”

The flight attendant refused to serve her any alcohol. She had had her share, apparently, on her inbound connection.

I’m going to stop here for a moment. She bragged about flying first class. On a regional jet to Moline. The flight attendant was clearly correct not to serve her on that basis alone. However,

“It wasn’t like a small tug, she pulled her all the way into her lap and talked about getting her fired when they landed,” Fullerton said. “The flight attendant kind of broke free and when she stood up the lady slapped her.”

The police report on the incident indicates she “was also banging on the cockpit demanding to speak with the pilot.” So it’s no surprise the pilot decided to turn the plane around and head back to DFW.

The woman was offloaded and eventually the flight took off again for Moline.

Here’s the woman being ejected from the aircraft in Dallas:

She admits to having had “two glasses of wine on a flight from Los Angeles to DFW Airport earlier in the day.” Considering she was reported to be “slurring her words and seemed unsteady” perhaps two means six.

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  1. Needs to change his blog heading from “thought leader in travel” to “gossip leader in travel”. More tabloid crap.

  2. Just can’t win…

    Might as well concentrate on pissing off trump deplorables, at least their stupid comments are more entertaining.

  3. Like @Jeff, I always wonder why these people seem to escape meaningful consequences. Perhaps a fine is in order, doled out to each and every passenger on the flight for the inconvenience and discomfort they have experienced.

  4. Weak, Greg. You waited almost 2 hours and 5 posts and that’s the only TDS insult you could lob?

  5. I’ve watched a stream of videos of people of color merely questioning or “talking back” to FA’s getting thrown off planes, threatened with arrest or beaten bloody. This white woman actually assaults a crew member, pounds on the cockpit door and forces the pilot to return.
    She’s allowed to leisurerly gather her things, stroll off the plane and take another flight.
    A plane full of people are inconvenienced and delayed (plus the passengers waiting at the destination city), the airline incurs additional flight time, crew wages and fuel costs….and she simply gets on a later flight.
    I’m not saying she should be beaten to a pulp, but there doesn’t seem to be ANY consequences for her. Ridiculous.
    Does her color have something to do with it, or was she just lucky?

  6. I do hope there are legal consequences here. Please note: if you cooperate and leave when requested to do so, your departure will be easier than otherwise. Not a racial issue, kids.

  7. As for the aircraft, American doesn’t operate anything other than regional jets into this station, either from DFW or ORD. It’s too small for main line service, even an old MD80. This is as good as it gets for a passenger.

    As for the “rich” part, it’s improbable that a revenue passenger (not an upgrade) would select row three on that equipment; furthermore, LAX-DFW in F is one of the least expensive tickets in American’s domestic F inventory. Wouldn’t expect to see this person in F on LAX-SYD, for example.

    As for the many suggestions for consequences of the intoxicated behavior, one is grappling with a can of worms. Airlines can’t assume the role of meting out punishment for bad behavior, particularly when it crosses over into questions of alcoholism vs an inexperienced infrequent flyer whose physiology isn’t accustomed to the effects of booze at altitude, combined with time zone shifts, and evening travel when tired and/or sleep deprived.

    The airlines have known about these factors for years and control them where they can (cockpit, for example) for passenger safety. (Airport) police, unfortunately, have to deal with individuals like this far too frequently; there are laws in place about public intoxication, so nothing new here.

    Suggest everyone consider themselves fortunate not to be the spouse or family member of this individual.

  8. Sometimes these could be people with an alcohol issue and like any substance abuse, not something to be ridiculed and shamed upon either video. My 2 cents.

    Have a great Sat evening everyone !

  9. She looks white to me. So probably mental illness. A brown is a terrorist and a black is a felon to be shot at an opportune time. Standard procedure in texas

  10. @credit
    Fuck it. Let’s stoke the msm fire of racial inequalities more! How ab I slap your mother with my erect phalice in the face while singing the pledge of allegience. I hope you’re Muslim. While we are at it I’ll get frank to defecate on lucky’s face while giving Gary a facial!

  11. Wow. Some of the posts are waaay out of line. Try to stay on topic, if only marginally so.
    As a deterrent, whoever intentionally disrupts a flight should compensate the others passengers by never being allowed to fly again.

  12. American Eagle just recently upgraded service to Moline with RJ’s that have an F cabin.

    And this is what happens.


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