Delta Kicked Ann Coulter Out of Her Pre-Reserved Extra Legroom Seat

Delta came onboard Ann Coulter’s flight tonight and booted her from her pre-assigned extra legroom seat without explanation.

I suspect David Dao might disagree with that characterization. If she was talking merely about SkyMiles she’d have a better case.

Apparently she was moved out of extra legroom seats. And she’s tall.

She shared with us the flight attendant who insisted she move.

Twitter then exploded with a discussion of whether the flight attendant’s race had anything to do with her objection to moving (as opposed to, you know, being given less leg room).

Ms. Coulter decided to shame the passenger who received her seat. Twitter exploded with a discussion of whether the passenger was a woman of color and that was the real reason Coulter objected to moving (as opposed to, you know, being given less leg room).

Ann is also frustrated with the results of her Speedtest App. She wishes that Delta would hurry up with its installs of Gogo 2Ku satellite internet.

In which Ann Coulter reveals she uses Seat Guru and Expertflyer Seat Alerts.

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  1. If you’re going to call Ann Coulter racist, don’t do so using misogynistic language. It completely undermines your point, people..!

  2. @Gary

    Why are you reposting the picture of the passengers that supposedly got the muppet’s seat?!

    Shamefully irresponsible of you!

    That said, no sympathy for a self entitled c/u/n/t like AC.

    Can only hope she never sets foot in Australia

  3. While it’s mildly frustrating to lose one’s seat, her tone and behavior just says it all. She embodies everything that is wrong with society today. Throwing tantrums and screaming ME ME ME without making even a minimal effort to compromise or defuse situations. If it was me I’d find out what happened via customer support. If I’d paid for the seat I’d ask for my money back. I wouldn’t ask for compensation because that would be ridiculous, over a seat. Give me a break, it’s just a stupid seat. In other parts of the world, people are starving or getting shot. I’m mad at myself that I just spent 3 minutes reading about this.

  4. The oddest part is that Ann Coulter is relatively well-known. If the gate agents had to randomly move somebody, you would think they would avoid minor-celebrities.

  5. @ Harry – You’re absolutely right. Short of an emergency, passengers should get the seats they reserved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take canceled flights, aircraft changes, or bumped passengers for gate agents to play around with seat assignments at the last minute. All it takes is someone coming up to them with a sad story about needing to sit next to dear old Aunt Nettie or whatever. If Coulter can shine a light on airlines’ stupidly unfair seating policies, what’s the problem? Her vocal complaints could end up helping others by making the airlines think twice before forcing last minute seat changes on unwitting passengers.

  6. @chancer – +10000000

    I doubt she’ll let it go and Delta will be sad their gate agent doesn’t watch cable news. 🙂

  7. Coulter got what she deserved – she should fly corporate jet so we don’t have to sit with her and her misguided beliefs. Thank you Delta !

  8. As an airline employee I’d like to make it known that any person with a disability can basically tell you which seat they need and you have to give it to them. To not do so would not only be wrong, it would open the airline up to DOT fines. Not every disability is visible and to reveal a passengers disability because you’re upset could be devastating for them. Just a possibility which shows the tough times airline employees are going through with everyone constantly blowing up and acting like spoiled children. Remember, the frontline airline employees are not the ones making the rules, just the ones being made to enforce them.

  9. If not for get politics she could have been hot and I might have fantasized about her in different positions.

    Too bad! My only reaction seeing her photo is wanting to throw up.

  10. As a passenger who has been treated poorly in the very same way, Ann Coulter, whether you agree with her politics or not, is 6 ft tall and flies all the time. Her politics has nothing to do with being booted from a seat that she booked ahead of time for the sole purpose of having adequate leg room. For someone who is very tall and flies frequently, not having adequate leg room is extremely uncomfortable. It could also lead to thrombosis.

    She is entitled to the seat she booked – that’s why she booked it well ahead of time!. The suggestion that she is a racist, and that her being upset about being booted out of her pre-booked, extra leg room seat for no reason was based on race is completely unfounded and is nothing more than an attack on her character that is purely based in a dislike of her politics. Politics has nothing to do with it.

    We, the passengers, have every right to the seats we book ahead of time, especially when we aren’t the average sized person. Anyway, why this is news worthy is beyond me.

    Delta does not have good service; I personally avoid Delta and United because I have had issues JUST LIKE THIS on both airlines. I can fly with other airlines, and so can Ms. Coulter.

  11. Hey Platy, re your response above. Presume you are an AUssie.. let’s invite AC down under for a rally make speck about Lets Make AUS Great Again. !!!

  12. Using the term “tranny” is pretty disrespectful. This isn’t about politics; it’s about an airline making a very tall person move from a seat that she specifically purchased because she was very tall for no good reason other than to give it to someone else. The airline offered no explanation, and Ms. Coulter, a paying customer who paid extra for a more specious seat, wasn’t even compensated as far as we can tell.

    Furthermore, how she is acting “entitled” when she bought a seat well ahead of time to accommodate her physical needs as a very tall female and paid extra for it? How is it being “entitled” so expect the product that you paid for? All many of you are doing is looking at this through the prism of politics.

    This has nothing to do with politics; it has everything to do with poor customer service on Delta’s part.

  13. Wow, am not an Ann C. fan (like, at all), but the comments here indicate how ludicrously vile political ‘discourse’ has gotten. Hate her all you want on a personal or political level, but the fact of the matter is that she’s right to complain. She might have gone overboard on her protests, but to the people focusing on that, aren’t all the topics on miles and points blogs first real problems, anyway?
    And to those who say her complaint is based on racism, seriously? If the passenger complaining had been a person of color, as opposed to AC, is there any doubt you would be accusing Delta of racism?

  14. All you have to do is read the comments here to see how nasty vile and hateful lefties are. Its awesome the Hillary didnt get elected. Gonna be a great 8 yrs.

  15. @timber Juarez That “woman” was not a privileged Delta flier. As Coulter implied by taking the picture of the entire row, the “woman” had a “bona fide” relationship to the adjacent passengers thereby “entitling” her to the seat. That is not in the Delta fine print.

  16. Any speculation as to WHY she was removed from her assigned seat? Could it be the aircraft’s weight re-distribution? Or my favorite – algorithms! Those are some of the reasons I’ve been re-assigned from my pre-booked seat and assigned to a much less desirable seat even though I have elite status with my airline (not with Delta).

  17. AC should have simply refused. Just said no. I booked it advance and I am staying. Waited and gotten removed by police and then sued the living shit out of delta. And not settled out of court, made the CEO and all of the assholes involved show up in court. She still could and should sue the shit out of them, being AC her story will be viral for months if she does.

  18. AC is too paranoid n sensitive. You have to understand when racism is a core principle of her political platform then every unfortunate incident can be viewed as payback.

    It’s karma.

  19. Given the level of viciousness you see among posters, and given the picture of the FA, it’s very possible if not likely that an employee of Delta, acting on his or her personal bias, decided to harass Ann Coulter.

    BTW, being a “first-world problem” does not make something not a problem. We don’t need to solve every TWP before we move on to second- and first-world problems — especially when solving a first-world problem in no way impedes progress on TWP. If they even can be solved.

  20. While I think she is a sniveling waste of human space as a person, I must say, I don’t blame her for acting out and sharing this publicly. I’d have done the same and probably raised my voice, have it on video and possibly gotten close to being arrested. She’s right, why the hell do you have advance seat selection if they’re going to screw you on it? Especially when some of these airlines actually charge for it! If the replacements had a relationship and wanted to sit next to one another, then they should have booked in advance and reserved their seats as well. It is junk like this that takes the fun out of flying…something like that could literally ruin your entire flight if you are tall, overweight, like being nearer to restroom or are hot natured (I prefer the open space seats for coolness) or any other reason you take the time to go and select and pre-plan things.
    I’d liken it to getting to your hotel and you’ve booked a king size bed and you arrive and are put into a pair of twin or full size beds….not what you booked, not what you wanted and as a customer, you just got screwed and it is too late to do anything about it. It isn’t like a dinner reservation where you can tell them to go to heck and find another restaurant, you are stuck. With a motel, they will likely charge you if you refuse the two twins and walk out. You can’t return the seats or the motel room which is why it is so frustrating when you get screwed over like this. You can raise hell, tweet, email, call corporate and waste valuable vacation time fussing over it but ultimately, it will have an effect on your trip, usually devaluing the travel experience for you.

  21. Love the vile commentary from the tolerant leftists. The best part is that is the attitude that assures us of at least one more term of MAGA.

  22. Are her rights any different here now that Delta sells C+ as a separate class of service?

    Seems like it’s one thing to be kicked out of a specific seat assignment then be accommodated within the same class of service (even if it has less legroom) and a completely different thing to be downgraded.

    Either stinks, but it seems like one would possibly have IDB compensation requirements. Anybody know?

  23. Way to take the moral high road, censoring the comments that called this upstanding citizen a bad word.
    Now, back to pumping the IHG card constantly. … and cue the next post about the mile high club or some other sensationalist subject that has nothing to do with frequent flyer miles.

  24. Penny, worse still is you’re in your hotel room with the king bed you reserved and paid more for and THEN they tell you to pack up and move to a room with a bed that’s too small.

  25. I admit that I don’t really know who AC is, other than someone with (extreme?) political views. However, if she was a paying passenger, and she had reserved her seat in advance, there is no justification for moving her.
    I have been asked to move from a bulkhead seat on AirCanada so that a family could have the front row and use the bassinet. I politely told the cabin crew that I would move up to biz if they had a seat, otherwise I would not move as I had paid extra for the seat.
    I was also told pre boarding at Qatar Airways flight that I was to be moved 15 rows back to a middle seat. I told them that my seat had been booked several months in advance and that they better do better otherwise I would be taking names for my post flight email to Customer Service. My seat was quickly changed back. It turned out two colleagues from Bain Consulting had wanted to sit together near the front and had asked the ticketing desk to see about moving someone…that someone was me, and I was having none of it!

  26. If she wants extra legroom, she certainly has enough money to pony up for first class. Or, she could probably fly private jet. While it is annoying to arbitrarily be given another seat, her temper tantrum over it is out of proportion to the annoyance. And taking a picture of the person that was put into the seat in her place? Totally unacceptable. Coulter is being rewarded for her juvenile and hateful behavior by being given publicity such as this for it.

  27. Well, Ann C. clarified the real reason for her rant (as if anyone had any doubt) with a new tweet

    ‘So why is our middle & working class suffering? NOT ROBOTS! Globalism & mass immigration. Immigrants take American jobs (& seats on @Delta)’

  28. >If she wants extra legroom, she certainly has enough money to pony up for first class. Or, she could probably fly private jet.

    So much for the left even bothering to fake being against class privilege or for environmentalism.

  29. >Well, Ann C. clarified the real reason for her rant (as if anyone had any doubt) with a new tweet

    How do you know that’s the real reason for her tweets? Progressives should not assume their inability to deal with more than one issue at a time applies to people with working brains.

  30. I cannot believe all the whiners complaining about politics and other non-relevant issues here. She was booted out of her assigned seat after boarding and she has the right to complain about it. I am glad she is standing up for passenger’s rights. Good for her. Having a celebrity raise an issue is more likely to get action than a nobody.

  31. The point is…..She was late to the gate….Dl has the right to cancel your
    Assigned seat….when you are LATE…She is lucky they didn’t deny her boarding…to standby passengers…..People read your rules on flying…..

  32. Sorry folks but what goes around comes around in life. When you go through life calling people nasty names and making disparaging comments about the way people look you better expect payback. Ann Coulter and Donald Trump are receiving the payback they deserve. I’m all for shaking things up in politics but if I had said some of the nasty comments about people that these people have said and some of the complete untruths, my parents would have severely punished me. If these people were humble and really showed contrition in life they wouldn’t be receiving all of the negative press they receive. You have to question the morals of anyone that defends that kind of behavior. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Shaming another passenger by posting her picture to over 1 million twitter followers was just irresponsible and it’s also irresponsible to post the flight attendant’s picture. AC is telling you one side of the story by it’s apparent the airline has another side. She is just one of these people who feels a sense of entitlement no matter what she does and who she offends. Sorry but that is not how we will “Make America great” again.

  33. Great comment, Mark. You sum it up without the anger some of us feel about the country being hijacked by lying political hacks pretending to be “reforming” programs they never supported and did everything possible to kill – Social Security, Medicare, MediCal, equal rights, environmental protection, etc.

    For those who say both sides are equally responsible, that’s like saying the angry rape victim is just as bad as the rapist. These are the most devious right wing political operatives on the planet, who couldn’t get their plans passed in any modern country on earth including this one if they didn’t lie about their intentions and use smear, lies, racial and sexual resentment to dredge up every filthy racist and bigot out there. They have no intention of reforming anything, only blowing it up so that those they hate can’t enjoy the civilized society we all share, but instead are forced into a slave wage underclass walled off by gated communities with cops given summary execution policies.

    Since they’ve never been able to pull it off entirely – and last time they tried with Bush destroyed the economy, permanently ruined our reputation in the world, and nearly collapsed the world financial system – this time they’re trying to shut down the media which is our last line of defense for democracy. Then we’ll see what happens when their stupdenously ignorant 1/3 redneck supporters all lose their family’s health care, jobs and are of course locked out of those gated Trump towers they seem to think they’re part of due to reality TV, with no one to tell their story. This is why they teach in the schools in all of our allied countries these American rednecks are they stupidest people on the planet, destroyers of civilization, a greater threat than terrorists. Ask an Australian where they have a great government providing everything at low taxes, are happy and astounded at the utter ruin of America.

  34. Mark, are you SURE you want aircraft crew to decide where conservatives sit? Because the next time the crew member may be someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum and decide you need to be moved to a less desirable seat.

    Then you’ll be whining about how you are being discriminated against for your political views.

    This is what the left has brought us to. A country where we are divided by petty politics, so it’s OK for airline crew to treat us by how we think instead of what we pay.

  35. >Since they’ve never been able to pull it off entirely – and last time they tried with Bush destroyed the economy, permanently ruined our reputation in the world,

    Interesting comment, because the left told us that Obama “repaired” our reputation in the world. Was the left lying then or lying now?

  36. After Bush and you rednecks bullied us into Iraq, the world lost most of the esteem it had for the U.S., wasting every drop of blood heroically by us in two World Wars. We’re now regarded as being too under the sway of right wing lunatics to be trusted. Obama was revered worldwide because of what he tried to do to heal this, but the rest of the world was fully schooled about how you redneck baboons went bananas over the black man with more class than all of you. They knew that given the chance you’d ruin us again, and boy oh boy did you ever outdo yourself with the most hated man probably in world history.

    Example: Bush went to the UK where the queen was too embarrassed to tell him he was so hated they couldnt do the traditional carriage ride to Parliament, so they rode the carriage around in circles in the palace courtyard. This time with the Groper the royals made it clear they didn’t want him invited at all.

    This is what you redneck baboons have done to US.

  37. @Art… you completely missed my point. You commented “So much for the left even bothering to fake being against class privilege or for environmentalism”. I’m not for any crew deciding where conservatives or liberals sit. What I said is when people go through life insulting other people and spewing racist and hatred they shouldn’t be surprised when given the opportunity people throw it right back at them. Ann Coulter has made a career out of insulting and offending other people so why on earth should anyone feel sorry for her? She decided to mislead by only telling her side of the story. When Donald Trump makes offensive comments towards reporters, fellow republicans, democrats and the news media he shouldn’t be surprised that he is going to be held accountable for his comments. When someone makes a career out of intentionally lying and misrepresenting the facts people will eventually call them out and deservedly so. Maybe nobody read The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Aesop. A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three or four times by crying out, “Wolf! Wolf!” and when his neighbors came to help him, laughed at them for their pains. The Wolf, however, did truly come at last. For Donald Trump and his associates the wolf is Robert Mueller and he is coming to come get them and deservedly so.

  38. @Mark, two questions:

    First, why would you think AC would be surprised by being mistreated by the left? Second, do you really think conflict between left and right began with Ann Coulter?

    There are, and for a long time, have been haters on both sides. Trump and Clinton are no exceptions. You act like this is something new, or that Coulter and Trump are the only haters in the political spectrum.

  39. >This is what you redneck baboons have done to US.

    That reminds me of what Obama did to the U.S. After 8 of the worst years of class, gender and racial division foisted on Americans, we became more divided than anytime since the Civil War. Clinton called half of Americans deplorable, then expected them to vote for her. Luckily, they weren’t that stupid. Nor were many of the Bernie supporters after Clinton and the establishment DNC outright stole the nomination from him.

    If the left were more educated, perhaps Trump would not have had such a big margin over Clinton. Of course, the left ruined our educational system, so that’s not going to change.

  40. Your story makes it sound like she was terribly inconvenienced and suffered major discomfort ( you know as opposed to the truth). When in reality she was just in the wrong seat. As reported by The New York Post, ” A Delta spokesman said it appeared Coulter was in the same extra-room row, just in a different seat.” Nothing like a little conservative slant to your so called journalism lol.

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