Kids Fly Transatlantic Business Class From $912 Roundtrip (and Adults Cheap, Too)

La Compagnie — the all (angled seat) business class airline running flights between New York and Paris — is running a sale where kids are discounted below their already-low adult prices.

Business class roundtrips start at $1300 for adults, and just $1000 for kids.

They’re promoting French-origination roundtrips even cheaper.

800 euros is about $912, and while European-originating business class fares are often cheaper than US-originating fares this is still strikingly low.

(HT: The Travelers Club)

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  1. Seriously, James is right…..this makes me NOT want to fly with them, LOL….between the two I’ll usually take the dogs in a seat next to me than a kid or heaven forbid, an infant! It ticks me off as it is that they let babies fly free on parents lap…if they’d stop that junk maybe a bunch of them would quit bringing the little monsters along for the ride!!!! When will they have kid free planes?

  2. @Penny – That would be interesting, I wonder how much more the airlines would gouge us for that privilege. Until then there is a sure fire cure for the screaming child syndrome….for $350 get a pair of Bose wireless noise cancelling headphones. Listen to your favorite music or podcast instead. They work perfectly.

  3. James and Penny, you should just fly private jets. Seriously, the kids are going anywhere so just deal with it or fly private

  4. @Chris
    Those headphones are meant to negate the low-frequency engine rumble… and that makes the high-pitched anklebiter screams all the more WORSE! Try again.

  5. @Amazing Larry – I disagree. I have used them many times and almost all sound is blocked. Couple that with your favorite music or podcast and you are in your own world. I don’t know if you have tried them or not, but I just used them on a UA flight with shrieking kids and it was fine. I recommend them to anyone, even if only listening to music; my training as an orchestral musician makes me very critical of the quality of sound produced by products of this nature.

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