Watch Delta Passenger Helplessly Try to Divert Leaking Water With a Magazine

Water dripping from the ceiling is fairly common on an aircraft. So is heavy misting in the cabin on planes departing hot climates. So the mere dripping of water on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Ft. Myers isn’t surprising.

However “a half-dozen people [being] soaked by flight’s end” is a bit less common, as well as flight attendants not bothering to “address the leak until the flight was in its final descent.”

“They eventually realized how stupid the situation was and just stuffed napkins into the ceiling.”

“It eventually stopped but I mean, we were basically in Fort Myers at that point,” he said.

What’s dealing with dripping water and sitting in soaked clothes for a 500 mile flight worth at Delta? After tweeting the airline the customer was ultimately given a $100 credit towards a future flight.

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  1. Lol. The compensation looks like a joke.

    I’m sorry flying with us made uncomfortable. This is a discount for flying with us again, so we can make you uncomfortable again.

  2. This is the Delta Airlines complimentary service upgrade to compete with the Etihad Airlines first class on-board showers.

  3. Had one those a couple of weeks ago. Not quite so severe, always seems to be the exit row doors which cause the condensation.

  4. I will never fly this airline with its ancient 30 plus year old planes
    horrible customer service and lousy service recovery
    from a disgusting flight experience
    Added to that their unacceptable stingy over priced award redemption
    Never! Only the desperate need fly them
    I’d like to share some other comments but they simply aren’t fit for a classy blog!
    Yes sadly I once flew them frequently many years ago
    It’s all what’s good for Delta

  5. That happened to me on a Delta Flight. Water stopped dripping after a while, but a couple of rows were soaked in the initial deluge. I had never heard of this problem and was worried that the plane was, y’know, coming apart. The fact that the flight attendants didn’t seem too concerned was actually reassuring. They brought a few cloth napkins from 1st class to dry off with. Towels would have been more effective, but better than nothing. I complained afterwards via email and was awarded 4,000 Delta miles for my pain and suffering. *shrug* Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

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