Making Passengers Stand During Flight to Save Money and More

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • See the fare construction on a United ticket

  • The Onion: United Airlines Offering Immigrants Special Flights That Circle U.S. Awaiting Gaps In Travel Ban

  • When airlines talk about how bad they want to make air travel, they’re really signalling they’re cheap. So if Ryanair has been out of the news for awhile Michael O’Leary muses about charging passengers to use the lavatory. VivaColombia — whose former chief Barry Biffle is now CEO of Frontier — is talking about making passengers stand during flight (“We’re very interested in anything that makes travel less expensive.”). (HT: Alan H.)

    Of course earlier this year Pakistan International Airlines already did that

  • Foul-mouthed couple launch into a tirade and hammer on cockpit door when they can’t get off the plane first

  • Please let me never try to open a retail concession at the Seattle airport

    The port also announced that it offered food cart and kiosk opportunities to Ivar’s, Wendy’s and Maki of Japan. All three restaurants will close in early 2018, as the Port kicks off a major renovation adding 10,000 square feet of mezzanine space to the Central Terminal.

    The changes at SEA came after a public battle with Ivar’s after the restaurant’s lease was not renewed in the most recent round of contract awards.

    …“Looking forward, I’m pleased that the competition in our next round will strike the right balance between celebrating our local favorites and creating an environment where newer businesses can compete.”

    …The criteria include a requirement that all proposing firms be fully compliant with Proposition 1 back wages and benefits, a requirement that all proposing firms to submit a customer service plan and an increased emphasis on proposed wages and benefits. The process will also maintain strong support for small businesses and and increased preference for local concepts. It will require that all proposing firms with more than 35 employees implement a labor peace agreement and will set a new limitation to how many opportunities any one company may win.”

  • Is Bank of America launching a premium Alaska Airlines credit card?

  • Indianapolis airport describes the subsidies they offer for international flight service (full stop — airlines, US airlines even, get subsidies!). (HT: Joe Brancatelli)

    An airline that offers daily international service, or 365 departures per year, would receive $200,000 in marketing and promotional support in each of the first two years. Airlines that offer international service four days a week (208 annual departures) would receive $150,000 each of the first two years. Twice-a-week international service (104 annual departures) would be eligible for $100,000 each of the first two years.

    Other incentives for international service, including fee waivers and rent reductions in the first two years, would remain unchanged.

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  1. This is not “making” passengers stand. It’s LETTING them stand if they choose to save money that way. If you want to sit, sit. If you want to stand, stand.

    If it meets safety standards, who cares?

  2. I would probably prefer to stand for 1 or 2 hours than have a < 30 inch pitch sitting alternative.

  3. I don’t think this is unique to Seattle. I recommend you avoid LAX as well. Last time they changed vendors for terminal 4-5-7-8 they ended up having to completely re-bid the entire thing:

    Then again, when it’s the city council awarding the contract you know there is plenty of room for shenanigans. “The City Council’s move ends a grueling two-year process marred by excessive lobbying and alleged conflicts of interest.”

    One thing I am NOT shocked by? “HMS Host was on the brink of getting shut out of LAX during a contentious concession contract bidding war last year. In a surprising upset, the company’s executives managed to get one of the winning bids tossed out amid conflict-of-interest allegations.”

  4. I hope they don’t charge for my height and weight. Anybody weighting 150pounds and more than 5’6″ subject to obesity taxes.

  5. Who wants tobe a flight with a bunch of people standing in the aisle looking over their shoulders the whole way or where you have to maneuver through them to get to the toilet.

    UA is trying to profit by subverting our government. I will use up my FF miles on a trip I have planned in a couple of years and drop the asshole company.

    The retardz on the spirit flight should be banned from flying for ten years. Maybe by then they will either die off or lbs on enough meds so that they behave 1/2 way normal.

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