American Airlines Employee Charged After Threatening to Kill TSA Document Checker

An American Airlines employee who reportedly works in sales has been charged with “two counts of interference with security screening personnel” at the Charlotte airport.

This guy just wouldn’t give up.

The ruckus began after Moore tried to go through security at about 5:30 p.m. on March 30 using the TSA PreCheck Line at Checkpoint B without a valid boarding pass with TSA PreCheck designations, the indictment said.

Moore moved close to the security officer’s face, hurled a racial slur and said he would kill him, according to the indictment.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport Atrium, By MaverickHunter40245, CC BY-SA 3.0

He then reportedly moved on to Checkpoint C where he was ordered to leave the airport. So he went to Checkpoint D. He was asked for ID, though “Moore wore what appeared to be a company ID badge, but the airline worker couldn’t see it and Moore refused to display it, the indictment said.”

That’s when two police officers came up and informed the man he wouldn’t be able to travel that day.
They started to escort him from the checkpoint, but he saw the original TSA document checker and “cussed at him” — and proceeded to run downstairs to the arrivals level, out the airport, and hopped a bus.

But he came back two hours later. He was recognized at Checkpoint D because the TSA has circulated a photo of the man. This time he willingly showed his ID, however the TSA claims he “proceeded to the Checkpoint D baggage screening area without permission.”

Things got worse from there. The American Airlines employee declared he was going airside, “Just watch me.” Police officers told him he wasn’t permitted to do so. The indictment claims he replied, “You cannot stop me. I am an airline employee.”

The officers began to remove his items from screening. He’s alleged to have replied, “Don’t touch my stuff, bitch.”

Officers tried to arrest him, but Moore began fighting with them. It took five CMPD officers to put him in restraints, according to the indictment.

Checkpoint D was closed after the incident. The man was charged “with disorderly conduct in a public building, second-degree trespass and resisting a public officer” and American Airlines says they “have been actively cooperating with law enforcement, and the employee has been suspended pending the investigation.”

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  1. Gary,
    i am curious to know why you don’t show his mug shot like you did 2 articles down. is it because this guy is black?

  2. If only CLT had CLEAR he might not have had all these problems as they would have escorted him to the front of the screening line.

  3. I don’t think mug shots usually go well in posts, in the other article I embedded a Facebook post from the police department that happened to have the mug shot in it but the primary thing there wasn’t the guy’s photo it was the police story.

  4. Not sure the correlation between the guy being black (if the case) and the blogger not showing his picture…unless the conclusion being suggested is that it’s obviously Obama’s fault.

    Comes across to me more like a typical trump deplorable behavior.

  5. Wow, is out on to talk about politics here?

    Because I have some things off my chest. The first poster made it racist and the last poster made it all political, but I say something I will be banned. Great!

  6. Perhaps people like this AA employee would have less trouble if they read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It may have be published years ago, but the techniques and tactics Carnegie sets out still work.
    Another tactic people like this AA employee need to learn and use is to keep their mouths shut. Speak when spoken to. Be polite. Don’t volunteer information.
    Unfortunately, some people will never learn.

  7. @Jim L I hate to think that such behavior is a result of missing one’s meds. If the behaviors described in this blog result from not having had one’s meds, far too many people are on ’em. Back in the day, at least some parents tried to raise their children to get along with other people and most kids learned to do that. Of course, times are different, but it _does_ seem that there are more confrontations now than even 10 yrs ago.

    My age is probably showing; for I remember flying on DC-3s a few times when I was a kid.

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