New 50,000 Point Premium Credit Card Signup Offer and Layoffs Coming to Singapore Airlines

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  1. CLICK BAIT? The title implied you talking about Singapore airlines with the 50,000 miles signup

  2. Airport wide delivery of food and retail,

    Really?? TSA is going to allow liquids and retail items into the terminal area if they purchase, well why the heck can’t people bring liquids in themselves, I military vet like myself with a security clearance and no fee TSA-pre check like myself cannot carry it through but some minimum wage bozo, who probably has a criminal record, never served and no military security clearance waltz on through the back door. just because it was ordered from a mobile APP.


  3. @Gary @Tom
    The ‘clickbait’ confusion could be resolved with the addition of a comma. The headline as Gary intended is two ‘independent clauses’ which should be separated by a comma.

    New 50,000 Point Premium Credit Card Signup Offer.
    Layoffs Coming to Singapore Airlines

    These two items are complete simple sentences. When joined together as a compound sentence they should have a comma or semicolon to signify that they are complete thoughts. Without a comma between the two, it confuses the meaning.

    New 50,000 Point Premium Credit Card Signup Offer and Layoffs Coming to Singapore Airlines
    Subject : New Credit Card and Layoffs
    Verb : Coming
    To : Singapore Airlines

    Yes, i read the headline the same way Tom did but it took me a minute to figure out why. It’s like the oxford comma, but more annoying.

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