Terrible: Tourist Kicks Hotel Maid Unconscious

Hotel housekeeping is a tough job. It’s a dirty job, cleaning up after guests some of whom are terrible. And it’s a physically demanding job as well which must be done quickly given the number of rooms that a given staff member must clean in a day.

Marriott figures they don’t pay their housekeepers enough and began a campaign three years ago to pressure guests to top off their pay with tips. (Better would be room rates which include the full cost of housekeeping, but like eliminating resort fees that’s an equilibrium that’s tough to get to). Hopefully tipping is a way to at least get your sheets changed.

As difficult as housekeeping jobs are, no one signs up for this: A 53-year-old Swedish tourist is caught on surveillance video engaged in an altercation with a housekeeper at a resort at Sunny Beach on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. (HT: Rene’s Points)

This all happens in a matter of seconds, from the time he spots the 65 year old staff member scrubbing the floor to when he kicks her in the face. She was “knocked unconscious and received injuries to her jaw and head, but regained consciousness.”

The man — who apparently was traveling with his brother and aggressive even at check-in — was detained for 24 hours and released. Reportedly, however, he faces a possible sentence of up to 3 years if convicted. There’s some insinuation that he may not have been sober, and that up to 10% of tourists at resorts in the area are inebriated at any given time.

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  1. Holy cow!

    We don’t know how the conversation went, but even if it weren’t a very pleasant conversation what transpired is in no way justified. A few years locked up is totally called for.

  2. Awful! Hard to watch!
    This guy was released?! He should be locked up! What an animal!
    No altercation or degree of alcohol intoxication justified such a disgusting, abusive behavior.

  3. What is wrong with mankind? That guy should be put in jail and all the other prisoners shown that video. I’m sure that he will get what he deserves. Disgusting.

  4. Whether or not he was intoxicated is irrelevant. This type of behavior should not be tolerated ANYWHERE FOR ANY REASON.

  5. WOW 🙁
    I hope this is shown on the news in his country and he is made to remember the shame for many, many years!

  6. There is no excuse for this barbaric act.This animal should be locked up with his kind.

  7. If it wasn’t for the help at the hotel ge wouldn’t have a place to stay , however no rights to kick a women in the face and by letting him go that proves ,money talks in b.s. walks . Authorities that released hum us just as responsible this women goes out her way to make us all comfortable , and that’s the thanks you get . CREEP

  8. John, I’m in no way agreeing with JY, but being a Swedish tourist isn’t specific since anyone can move to Sweden and bring their culture, or lack of it, with them.

  9. What a piece of s— …sure hope he goes to jail, and the inmates are shown the video, and he gets what he deserves. Can’t believe he got off. The next time someone will be dead. This should not be taken lightly … he should definitely be in jail.

  10. Art, to be more specific, it’s a bald white guy who kicked a woman half his size and who was not in defence mode.

  11. Race, colour, creed makes NO difference … this should be abhorant to every human being! … this parasite is a deadset COWARD … Animals commit violent acts for a reason or to achieve or procure something! … This bloke isn’t even an animal … he’s a disgrace and should be held accountable … no bail no excuse can account for such lowlife cowardice! God bless the lady who was the victim I sincerely hope that she is compensated in no small way.

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