Delta’s Newspeak Wins 1984 Award and Another Passenger Dies in Immigration Custody

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  • Dutch King flies incognito as a pilot for KLM they’re getting rid of the Fokkers he normally flies so he has to train on a 737.

    Copyright: flaperval / 123RF Stock Photo

  • Nat Browne’s attempted Seattle – Tokyo flight in 1932

  • 1984 Award to Delta: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and when Delta asks the US government to abrogate its Open Skies treaties with the UAE and Qatar they call it ‘enforcing’ those treaties.

    Even if UAE and Qatar airlines were subsidized and US ones aren’t (which is completely false), the treaties provide for specific disputes over price to be resolved through consultations.

    To be clear that is not what Delta is asking for. The treaties were enforced by US government consultation, the US government decided not to act. The case is weak, and doing so is against the interests of the United States in the region (we need the help of those governments fighting ISIS).

  • American considers ditching their new Twin Hill uniforms entirely in response to claims by flight attendants and pilots that the fabrics contain toxins which make them sick.

    [American Airlines President Robert Isom] clearly signaled that down the road, all new uniforms were a possible endgame for the uniform crisis.

    “We want everyone in a combined uniform,” Isom said, suggesting multiple uniform options are not a satisfactory long-term solution.

    Isom said new uniforms could be made from new fabrics by a new manufacturer — the most clear-cut indication to date that the Twin Hill outfits now worn by some 70,000 AA employees could become history sooner rather than later.

  • A man who arrived at Atlanta airport May 10 and was detained at immigration has died. It’s the second death in ICE detention this week. This happens often enough they have a prepackaged statement for it (emphasis mine):

    CE is firmly committed to the health and welfare of all those in its custody and is undertaking a comprehensive agency-wide review of this incident, as it does in all such cases

  • A robot co-pilot just flew and landed a Boeing 737 simulator

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  1. @NatBrown, a true aviation pioneer! What a great story.

    @gary – how do you know the ICE statement wasn’t for any broader level of discomfort or injury? It’s inflammatory for you to assert that they are saying they review all death cases when that would certainly be the case. But it would also be the case any time there is any event with anyone in their care, death or not.

  2. Lots of people fly who probably shouldn’t, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that one or two might die in immigration after a long flight…

  3. For God’s sake, man. Learn to use proper punctuation!.

    I had to read the headline 3 times to figure out whether Delta was responsible for the person dying in ICE detention.

    A significantly less confusing headline would have been:

    “Delta’s Newspeak Wins 1984 Award; Another Passenger Dies in Immigration Custody”, or:
    “Another Passenger Dies in Immigration Custody; Delta’s Newspeak Wins 1984 Award”

  4. Lots of people from other countries intentionally fly here knowing they have medical conditions, check into a hospital get all of the medical care and med’s skip out without paying the bill. That’s probably what the intentions with this guy was.

    Go to the U.S. get free medical care and fly home, probably a lot cheaper, especially if he were told by a doctor there he would need an operation. were so stupid we allow it, foreigners should be required to purchase a round trip ticket before being allowed to board a plane to the U.S., when they show up at one of our hospitals, stabilize them and put on the next flight out using their return ticket. Let their tax payers cover their medical costs, why does our government allow them steal money from my child, that’s what happens why it come sout my medical insurance premiums and tax dollars.

  5. @Take-A-Break, this sounds like fascinating research! Care to announce your source(s) for such interesting facts? (…and ‘I just pulled it outta my bumhole’ doesn’t count)

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