TSA Declares All Transgender Passengers Must ‘Pick a Gender’

Via Skift in a new video the TSA wants all transgender passengers to know that they care… but not very much, because transgender passengers must pick a gender before going through a nude-o-scope.

Here’s what the TSA says:

When entering this technology, the TSA officer will press a button designating a gender based on how your present yourself: male or female.

If you cannot or choose not to be screened by advanced imaging technology, or a walk through metal detector, you will undergo a pat down procedure conducted by an officer of the same gender.

The best thing about this video may be the intro music and opening voiceover.

Oh and please — please — don’t ask your TSA screener which bathroom to use…!

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  1. I don’t get it – what’s the problem? I think this shows they DO care and have given this some thought. I can’t think of a better way to have handled this. I think the most accurate description of the policy that they are allowing a person’s gender presentation to dictate the gender of their human screener, which seems totally appropriate to me. Perhaps they should just ask outright, but that could cause lots of awkwardness in some situations.

  2. Twats…. can’t wait until my next secondary search. Trusting i can throw a hard on and give everyone a thrill

  3. Love the nude-o-scope name!

    Anyhow, I have to agree with Andrew’s comment – this option makes sense given the situation (for lack of a better term). Right, wrong, agree or disagree, the situation exists that peoples sex does not match their ID, and we need to be able to account for that within our security protocols.

    At the same time, I am curious what difference it makes to the nude-o-scope what gender you are.

  4. Williamc: are you an asshole or a douchbag?

    Decide before doing us all a favor and killing yourself today.

    Is that so difficult?

  5. @Andrew oh haven’t you heard? Now there are some liberals who want to force people to use the pronoun “they” to describe their gender. At some point this PC stuff becomes nonsense. You can designate your gender I think that is accommodating enough. Honestly if you can’t even figure out what gender you want to use then maybe getting on a plane shouldn’t be your highest priority.

  6. I guess people that are so sure that only two genders exist and it’s super easy to just pick, have never taken a genetics or advanced science class? Technically there are 6 sexes that don’t all fit neatly into 2 “genders”. It’s not about a boy waking up one day and deciding to be a girl. What about someone with both penis and vagina. What gender are they? What about someone with a vagina and internal testes that makes male hormones and looks male, except for “his” vagina? These people exist in the thousands- take this into consideration. Plus all of the people that are transitioning or don’t identify with their body. Why does it matter for the “nude-a-scope” anyways? TSA can’t tell the difference between a dick and a gun?

  7. @ RachelG: All that anger and violence. You must be a tranny pretending to be on the rag. There’s a circus waiting for you.

  8. Asking this question seems very reasonable in diffusing future questions over manual searches of individuals.

  9. @JC, all that idiocy and intolerance. You must be a Cissy pretending to be a man. There’s NOTHING waiting for you 😉

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