IT’S HERE: First Look at the New Metal Amex Platinum Card

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The Platinum Card® from American Express

The Platinum Card® from American Express is the card with the best benefits. The value proposition here is airline lounges and elite status.

You get access to American Express Centurion lounges, Delta lounges when flying Delta same-day, and you get a Priority Pass Select card for access to those participating lounges (over 40 in the U.S. and over 1000 worldwide).

American Express Centurion Lounge Houston

It comes with Gold status in Starwood Preferred Guest — which matches to Marriott Gold as well — Hilton HHonors Gold. You also get National Car Rental Executive status and unlimited Boingo wireless internet.

The the The Platinum Card® from American Express earns 5 points per dollar on airfare purchased directly from airlines.

And its $550 annual fee goes down easier becaue you can designate one airline on which you’ll receive a $200 fee credit for the year (in my experience, even though this isn’t how the terms and conditions say it’s supposed to work, small denomination American Airlines electronic gift cards have been reimbursed to me) and because of the new Uber benefit up to $200 per year. It also reimburses the $100 application fee for Global Entry or the fee for TSA PreCheck.

The card is now metal. New cardholders receive a metal card straight away. I called last week to get my existing plastic card replaced by the new metal one, because I wanted to see first-hand how it looked and what it felt like.

I received a Federal Express envelope today with a new metal Platnum card for myself and for my wife (who is an authorized user on my account).

The card certainly feels heftier than others in wallet. This isn’t a plastic card, and it isn’t a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card either. It’s heavier than Reserve, but it’s not as heavy as a Palladium Card. It doesn’t ‘clink’ when you drop it.

I was a little bit disappointed by one thing: my card seems to be embossed on the metal slightly off-center.

There are no raised numbers on the card, and no numbers on the front either. It’s a chip card (like my plastic one before it) and the numbers are written out on the back. You’ll mostly consult those when using the card for a purchase online.

The package came a disposal envelope inside just like Chase sends out for their metal cards. You can’t shred a metal card, so they give you a postage paid return envelope in order to have the issuer dispose of it for you.

Sending me an envelope with the new card made no sense, I don’t need it now. Am I supposed to hang onto the envelope for the next several years until your card expires (mine has a 2022 expiration date)? Presumably they’ve just sent me the standard ‘card replacement kit’.

I easily value the lounge access component of the card at a couple of hundred dollars per year, and of course lounge memberships run $500 and up and Priority Pass membership with unlimited visits but without a free guest runs $399. I’d value the hotel status at over $100, and the rental car status at $50. The airline fee credit and Uber credit is worth nearly $400 combined.

And that’s before you get to perks like Fine Hotels and Resorts hotel bookings, use of the concierge, or reimbursement for Global Entry, and that the Centurion lounge network is expanding with new locations in Philadelphia and Hong Kong in the pipeline.

Of course the signup bonus of 60,000 points after $5,000 in purchases within 3 months (and the fact that the airline fee credit is based on calendar year, so you can effectively use it twice in your first annual fee year) makes this a no-brainer to get for a year.

What I need to try is to take the card with me through airport security to see whether it sets off metal detectors the way a Palladium card can. So experiments lie ahead!

The Platinum Card® from American Express

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  1. Got mine today. Agree it feels way sturdier than the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The Reserve it is very flexible if you try to bend with your hand. The Amex is very solid and does not flex at all.

  2. I got mine today but wonder if having metal cards is worth it, disposal problems notwithstanding. A few years ago when I first got the metal SPG Lifetime Plat card it set off metal detectors by itself. If the AMEX Plat card does not set off detectors by itself I bet if you have the reserve and/or Marriott card or other metal ones in your wallet you will need to put your wallet through the X-ray machine.

  3. So no NFC/Contactless payment with your card I guess. I don’t see the logo.
    One member of Flyertalk posted a pic with his supposed new metal card and it had the NFC logo on it. Gary, are you signed up for NFC, i.e. does you plastic card have it?

  4. I think the card I received is made of platinum. Seems more valuable now. Now you can sell the cards when they expire for the metal value instead of just shredding them. Love that!

  5. Additional benefits no one talks about include on board credits when you take a cruise and pay for it with the Amex Plat. And, we often get wine tastings and free bottles of wine onboard with certain cruise lines when using Amex Plat. These vary from cruise line to cruise line, but add up to several hundred dollars per cruise.

    BTW, for those looking for contactless payment, Amex through Apple Pay works regardless of the composition of the card.

  6. Among others I’ve had the Palladium card for many years. I think you will find after your friends oogle over your shiny new metal card for a few minutes and you’ve had it a couple months it’s just just another credit card unless you are seriously a wallet candy addict or you want to impress the ditzy chicks who don’t know any better…so enjoy it while it lasts

  7. I missed the part where you explain how a metal card is useful. I get that it’s heavy, and can set off metal detectors, are those considered features?

  8. Why did you blank out your name? It’s in every blog post we are subjected to, so hiding it is a bit dumb, lol.

    Sounds like you’re pretty moist about this. Enjoy your metal card hun.

  9. @Another Steve — metal does not make a credit card more useful. people seem to enjoy it, just as they enjoy the ‘heavy’ CSR/CSP

  10. “There are no raised numbers on the card, and no numbers on the front either. It’s a chip card (like my plastic one before it) and the numbers are written out on the back. You’ll mostly consult those when using the card for a purchase online.’

    Carbon scanners are still used in places that are off the grid.

  11. @”Gary” @Linda Olsen:
    Linda Olsen” maybe if the choice seems strange to you then there’s a reason you aren’t thinking of.

    Hmmm. Is that your fake name and you’re really a spy packing heat? An Air Marshall getting drunk and packing heat?

    Or are you in the witness protection program and that’s a fake picture we’ve been viewing?

    The Yorkie probably isn’t even your dog.

  12. I’m fairly certain the Platinum Card’s Priority Pass membership now comes with two guests.

  13. What’s the big whoop about this metal card? I find it annoying. It’s heavier than the plastic one, and takes up more space in my wallet. I have the Sapphire one, and it doesn’t make me tingle all over to have a metal card in my wallet. AAMOF, I will more than likely “leave home without it” because I use other cards that have better benefits when actually using a credit card.

    Though I like a lot of the features of this card, Amex should spend more time getting us to use the card in the first place. Like 2% on everything. And not having to play these stupid games with choosing one airline for a friggin’ year.

  14. There could be several reasons he block out his name. Example, his real name my be different from his bog name that he used. He could have received an example card in the mail for his bog.

  15. Gary, that is VERY off centered LOL. I have gotten cards like that before on my plastic one. It is so off centered it looks fake haha.

  16. I went through the pre-check metal detector yesterday with no problem. The Amex was not the only metal card in my wallet. Amex told me the card would set off metal detectors. The fact that there was no alarm is a little concerning actually. YMMV.

  17. Unfortunately, the new look is not as good as the old one! The old Platinum card had that classic look it was the best…
    That combined with the metal detector issue, can one just elect to stick with the old plastic???

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