[NOT BOOKABLE]: Virgin Atlantic Business Class Just $1151 Roundtrip!!

No Mas Coach reports that there is a business class roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic (Delta codeshares) that seems bookable at Priceline.com from $1151 roundtrip.

I’m headed out the door and haven’t had time to test this extensively, nonetheless I wanted to bring this to folks attention so they could play with it.

It’s a cheap Delta fare that appears to book into ‘G’ class which is Virgin Atlantic’s upgrade class. So both cheap inventory on the flights and upgrade space needs to be available for the fare to be bookable.

  • Travel permitted October 30 through December 13 or December 24 through April 6
  • Nonrefundable with a $300 change fee
  • Saturday night stay required

ITA Software shows this as ‘first class’ rather than business class.

This is a $300 base fare in each direction.

Just in case the airline decides they want to renege on such a deep discount offer, a case of seller’s remorse, I’d awhile after buying tickets before making additional non-refundable travel plans around the fare. (In theory an airline refusing to honor a sale would have to reimburse any out of pocket costs you incurred but there’s not much history with enforcement of that particular DOT statement so I’d still not test it.)

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  1. Delta has changed their fare classes on VS codeshares. G class is premium economy now (as is A class) so buyer beware. You will likely be seated in premium economy.

  2. This price has changed to $2729, for what I could find. Virgin charges the same, but the $1151 is not showing up.

  3. Wow Gary… one thing to post a mistake. Another to let it sit uncorrected just to collect clicks.

  4. @Q As I noted in the post I was headed out the door, hadn’t vetted but was passing along what was being reported on a small blog in case it turned out to be useful. I was offline for 15 hours. You know what happens what you assume..

  5. Just shows Gary is a low value FF and wants to get as many hits as he can for his affiliate marketing partners.

    Gary when the airlines go to dynamic redemption and banks see the light of day on affiliate marketing as a costly customer acquisition means that produces low value fodder will this blog contain more posts like this?

  6. @Josh Perhaps you overlooked the disclaimer here: “I’m headed out the door and haven’t had time to test this extensively, nonetheless I wanted to bring this to folks attention so they could play with it.”

    There are plenty of disclaimers as to to the nature of almost all commission-driven travel blog sites like this and these folks put quite a bit into the non-paid review aspects of their content so credit card signups is one way to offset those efforts. Since that’s pretty clear to the average user, pointing out something that is blatantly obvious in comments is unproductive and ignorant. Why not remove this site from your bookmarks and be on your way?

  7. @Josh G – your comments are rarely ever accurate or even mostly accurate, almost everything you contribute here is wrong.

    In what way does this post demonstrate anything about me as a traveler?

    And in what way is this post generating hits for affiliate marketing partners? i.e. where’s any affiliate link here?

    Tell me how much more you know than banks about acquiring customers too?

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