Was Spirit Airlines Hacked?

According to Krebs on Security, something is up at Spirit Airlines.

Here, apparently, is the message that was sent:

That’s quite a test email.

(HT: Ryan C.)

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  1. I think this is just bored testers. Ever see the movie “Grandma’s Boy”? Best + only movie about software testers. Smoke test is a real term, the BS comments look like our testers, etc. Maybe it’s Ruskie hackers but I am going with EBKAC.
    Also, hackers are the least of your concern on Spirit – you are lucky if the PIC isn’t high on fentanyl and the plane is airworthy. After all, Spirit is happy to fire pilots who declare emergencies and replace them with ones who are a little looser with the rules, and when the plane breaks you’re in for a 16 hour delay. You get what you pay for…

  2. Eh, that airline sucks. I bet they underinvest in IT, just like every other aspect of their business. If anyone deserves their just dessert, it’s them.

  3. @B “… and the plane is airworthy”. Really? There are many things you can complain about with Spirit, but they really do have the youngest fleet of planes out of all the U.S. airlines, that isn’t just marketing hype…. most of their planes are extremely know, I believe the fleet average is just 5 years. Not all ultra-low cost carriers have the same business model, Spirit Airlines is NOT anything like Allegiant and their dangerous planes. Spirit is far from perfect, but let’s not make stuff up… I’ve suffered delays due to mechanical issues on United, American, and Delta… and I’ve suffered delays on Spirit due to their stupid computer system problems they have all the time.. but not one of my Spirit flights has ever been delayed due to a mechanical issue on the plane itself. The real thing we should be worried about regarding spirit is their drastically reduced carry-on bag size that goes into affect this month (maximum 8″ deep instead of 12″, good luck bringing even just a full size backpack now without paying $100 at the gate).

  4. If the network carriers persist in adding “Basic Economy”, I predict Spirit will do better and better.

  5. Yeah, this morning I got a fraud alert on my American Express for a Spirit charge…under $100 but the claim that our personal information was not compromised is bogus too. Keep an eye out folks. This isn’t the first time their site has been hacked. Last year I got a message that my flight was cancelled. They were very apologetic. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, class action lawsuit for gross negligence?

  6. I actually had a plane delayed for HOURS I’m talking a good 5/6 hours and it actually WAS due to a mechanical issue on the plane itself.

  7. I recently received an email stating spirit airlines’ system was hacked and that my account was not affected at all. However, my account was compromised and my cc was compromised and was used to purchase something from spiritairlines.com – called my cc to cancel immediately. What options do I have in taking action against spirit who obviously is one of the worst airlines I’ve ever had to deal with?

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