Chase’s Big Marketing Strategy Shift and the Craziest Rental Car Fees You’ve Ever Heard

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Chase used to advertise on 400,000 websites, now they’re down to 5000 and performance hasn’t suffered (though it’s early to say).

    JPMorgan started looking into preapproving sites, a strategy known as whitelisting, this month after The New York Times showed it an ad for Chase’s private client services on a site called Hillary 4 Prison. It was under a headline claiming that the actor Elijah Wood had revealed “the horrifying truth about the Satanic liberal perverts who run Hollywood.”

    Of the 400,000 web addresses JPMorgan’s ads showed up on in a recent 30-day period, said Ms. Lemkau, only 12,000, or 3 percent, led to activity beyond an impression. An intern then manually clicked on each of those addresses to ensure that the websites were ones the company wanted to advertise on. About 7,000 of them were not, winnowing the group to 5,000. The shift has been easier to execute than expected, Ms. Lemkau said, even as some in the industry warned the company that it risked missing out on audience “reach” and efficiency.

  • Audi is buying Silvercar they were already an investor and the car rental company rents only Audis.

  • Rental car fees: Secret ways to save money revealed. I explained some of the more bizarre rental car fees — especially at the airport — on NBC’s Today Show and suggested that renting off airport and returning your car to the airport can save on some of them, and also that your premium credit card may cover any collision damage that your personal insurance does not.

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  1. […] Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results. by The New York Times via VFTW. I wonder if they will also stop advertising on sites like mine due to the type of content we post. I’m really surprised that credit card issuers don’t do more long term tracking (e.g at the moment they mainly focus on approved applicants, rather than how profitable each approved applicant ends up being). There has been some switch to long term tracking, but surprised there isn’t a lot more. […]


  1. When I rent from Enterprise at a city location in my home city I have to sign a document that I didn’t arrive on a flight in the last 24 hours to get the proper rate. I don’t know how prevalent that custom is, nor how they would know for sure if I flew in.

  2. Also got error message saying my account not eligible (AA) – is this not open to everyone?

  3. @DaveS – what city is this? I’m sure it’s a way to protect Enterprise from being accused of circumventing the airport fees.

    You may get charged a drop off fee for returning the car in a different location than renting.

  4. Many USA airport rental car fees are truly appalling; I often run into 50% taxes/fees. Avoiding them isn’t necessarily easy though. The other day, I considered renting a car off-airport at Houston Intercontinental to try to cut down a 70% tax rate! But the rates off-airport, at least within 10 miles of IAH, were so much higher that there would be only minimal savings.

    Still, anyone renting a car on-airport for more than a couple of days should definitely consider alternatives. I’m sure Uber and friends will continue to benefit from high airport taxes, too.

  5. Hacker-targeted blogs excepted, what causative or correlative relationship exists between readers of fringe sites and bad bank customers?

  6. Renting a car away from the airport can create problems. What if your flight arrives after the offsite location closes? And, with fewer rental car companies, it may soon be difficult to double book or be a frequent no-show without them starting to notice.
    And, when making your off-site reservation, don’t forget to change the return location to the airport.
    Just make sure the savings are worth the extra effort.

  7. I can’t register for the bonus miles to Asia. Error, “We’re sorry but the AAdvantage account you entered isn’t eligible for this promotion. Please read the promotion rules for details on qualifying.” I have no clue why I’m not eligible! It’s a US account attached to a US address, for a US citizen.

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