Hotel Chain Offers Relationship-Saving Guarantee – Refund If You Get Divorced Within 12 Months of Stay

Countryside Hotels, which has 40 properties in Sweden, offers a new relationship guarantee: “married couples who sleep in the same room and book it under their ‘relationship guarantee’ [rate who then] split less than 12 months later, they get their money back for two nights if they send in the divorce papers as proof.”

    Möckelsnäs Manor, Credit: Countryside Hotels

At first it seemed an odd offer, get divorced get a refund. But it’s their marketing gimmick to suggest that couples will improve their relationship staying at Countryside Hotels. And they’re so confident you’ll have a relationship-enhancing experience (or lots of sex?) that they’ll stand behind it with a guarantee, ‘your relationship works out or your money back!’

It’s not uncommon for hotels to promote sex. The Andaz Savannah says that’s what their premium suites are for (“romantic trysts”). Hyatt Regency built a whole brand campaign on how much better it is not to be home, and it’s not too hard to see the Straussian reading that hotel sex is better than home sex.

W Seoul Junior Media Suite

The Countryside hotel chain does see the possibility for their offer to be gamed, though:

So does that instead make it more likely that some thrifty couples could end up spending their romantic getaway plotting their divorce – or at least contemplating the possibility – over a glass of wine by the fireplace?

“Yes, it could really be like that, but we’re hoping that even the most frugal couple won’t be that pragmatic,” joked [Marketing Officer Anna] Madsen.

The chain would be in really dangerous territory if they facilitated the divorce agreement by doubling points so that neither spouse loses out in the separation. Double points and a money back guarantee could cause an epidemic of divorce. But just remember that in many states you can pay child support and alimony by credit card and earn miles.

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