Indian Model Tells Airport Security Her Friend Has a Bomb. Hijinks Ensue.

27 year old model Kanchan Thakur was queuing at airport security in Mumbai with friends when she told an employee to check her friend’s bag — because it contained a bomb.

The group was detained, their checked bags offloaded from the aircraft, and their flight to Delhi was delayed an hour.

She’s been charged and released on bail, but really doesn’t understand what the big deal is — clearly security has its priorities wrong — saying, “when real terrorists walk into an aircraft they do nothing but when she just cracked a joke, they turned it into such a big thing.”

Don’t name your wifi hotspot Samsung Galaxy Note 7, don’t tweet you can take down a plane when you’re on a plane, and don’t say the word ‘bomb’ to your seat opponent. All end badly. And definitely don’t actually tell security screeners that someone in your party has one when they don’t.

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  1. She shoukd be bright up on charges. Especially in India and ESPECIALLY Mumbai where just 9 years ago the slaughter of 166 people should still be fresh in her brainless head.

  2. nice… true comments.. real terrorist get on planes, but a model cracks a joke and all hell breaks loose… LOL

  3. She should be charged, all the bags in the group subjected to meticulous search, the plane held up only long enough to remove them, and the rest of the group allowed to proceed on a later flight as soon as their luggage is examined. Exactly how would one think authorities should respond? “Ha, ha, that’s a brilliant joke!” when someone says there’s a bomb on the plane? Either she’s totally clueless or looking for some viral publicity, and I don’t know which – quite possibly both.

  4. As some one who is currently visiting India it is striking that hotels all have airport type screening as do shopping malls and movie theaters. How could she have not noticed this? It does appear that wealthy Indians do behave in a very entitled fashion and this lady appears to be one of them

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