Did You Match Starwood Status to Marriott? Check Your Account

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A handful of readers with Starwood Gold status from their American Express Platinum card who that matched to Marriott Gold contacted me, letting me know that their Marriott status had downgraded to Silver.

While ‘promotional’ status isn’t eligible for a status match, status received via credit card definitely is. I assumed this was a glitch, suggested that folks call Marriott, but a reader passed along a report that status earned through credit cards is no longer eligible for matching:

Marriott customer service rep called SPG to confirm my Gold status, but then spoke to her supervisor about upgrading me back to gold. The supervisor said that Marriott is no longer matching SPG Gold status if it was earned through a promotion or as a credit card benefit.

I reached out to Marriott, which confirmed that this was misinformation. Credit card status is eligible for matching. And there was apparently a glitch.

[I]t was a short glitch to the system. Everything should have reverted back. If not, those members can definitely reach out to customer service and they should be able to help.

If you matched status, it might have been downgraded, but should have been re-upgraded. Check your account, make sure it reflects the correct status. And if it doesn’t, definitely reach out to customer service.

Using Credit Cards to Get Starwood and Marriott Status

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card gives you Gold status the first year. That status is honored at Marriotts, and matches to Starwood Gold. You can keep the status spending $10,000 a year on the card. You can also spend $75,000 in a year and earn Platinum status. And that matches to Starwood Platinum.

Meanwhile Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card gives you 15 elite nights each year just for having the card, and an additional night for each $3000 spent on the card.

Alternatively, $30,000 spent on a Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express or a Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card earns Starwood Gold status which matches to Marriott Gold. (Each card also gives you 2 stays and 5 nights towards earned Starwood status such as Platinum.)

The Platinum Card by American Express comes with Hilton Gold and Starwood Gold status. You can match this Starwood Gold status to Marriott Gold. That gets you club lounge access at eligible Marriott hotel properties and also 4pm late check out.

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  1. I have SPG gold through stays and the SPG AMEX stay credits and was recognized at Marriott as gold during my last stay there. They totally botched the points v free breakfast though. I asked for the points and they gave me the free breakfast instead.

  2. Just checked and i now have Marriott gold status. However, I don’t have SPG gold status as I did not meet the minimum stay nor have the credit card for the SPG gold status. Do you think Marriott will take the gold status away from me this year? Also, I am planning on canceling the Marriott credit card. Will this affect my Marriot gold status?

  3. I have been a platinum with spg and Marriott since it became available. This year so far have only stayed at one Marriott versus my 10 nights at spg. Needless to say it was very disappointing!!

  4. My gold status is matched from SPG (which I have from the Amex SPG credit card). I just checked and my Marriott status is still gold.

  5. I just checked my account and my wife’s account. I am Marriott silver and she is Gold due to SPG gold. The status is ok, but the accounts are completely screwed up. On her account, it shows the correct status and number of points, but if you look at activity nothing that she did shows, but MY ACTIVITY shows on her account. It shows her getting the bonus that I received for a Marriott credit card and is missing all of her stays. As an example, it show that she has 15,000 points after earning 100,000 and not spending anything. All the activity matches me exactly, but not her. The crazy thing is that if the accounts were transposed, the points would be too. It has her status and point with my activity–which does not match her points at all. Something is very wrong on the Marriott website.

  6. It happened to me. I realized I was downgraded to Silver when I stayed at a Marriott last week and they didn’t offer me breakfast.

    When I looked into it, I was “soft-landed” by SPG to Plus status instead of Gold. An SPG rep said I needed to earn Gold with stays, even if I had an Amex Platinum. Oh, yeah? Amex took care of it yesterday. My Marriott status isn’t corrected yet. Looks like that’s my next call.


  7. Same thing happened here. Matched SPG Gold -> Marriott Gold but last week noticed that got dropped to Marriott Silver. Checked SPG account and noticed was not SPG Gold anymore despite linking Amex Platinum previously.

    A quick call to Amex got my SPG Gold back (almost instant). Then a day or so later, Marriott app showed Gold status so no need to call Marriott.

  8. when i saw my Ritz status drop, i thought it was just because i hadn’t spent 10K on it, then i noticed SPG, and realised the linked accounts had been impacted.

    i cannot recall having to choose the amex gold SPG plat benefit annually? i called, and was directed to the Plat website.

    then i received this notice from Amex, that enrolling in the SPG Gold benefit is supposed to be a once off, for the life of the card, not an annual task?

    Your SPG Gold Status Enrollment

    American Express logo

    Account Ending:

    Express Card

    View Account

    Make a Payment

    Manage Alerts Preferences

    We’re happy to confirm your enrollment in Starwood Preferred Guest® Gold Status.

    You will have Starwood Preferred Guest Gold Status as long as you are a Platinum Card® Member.

    You will receive additional information from Starwood regarding your membership. You can also find more information about Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status here.

    Thank you for your Card Membership.

    American Express Customer Care

  9. Was dropped to silver and spoke to a rep and supervisor will not bring me back to gold. Anyone have any luck?

  10. as long as you enroll in the amex plat benefit for SPG gold, and your Ritz/Marriottt accounts are linked, once your SPG goes gold, the other/s will too.

    no need to speak with anyone.

  11. Sorry to comment on an old post, but is this still the case? I noticed I hadn’t signed up for the SPG Gold status through my Platinum AMEX yet, so I did that last week, and it kicked in Saturday. My accounts are already linked, but Marriott still says Silver. I called the Rewards desk, and they said it might take 72 hours…yet the website says instantaneously (but maybe only at the time of linkage?).

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