Argentina’s State-Owned Airline Flew a Flight on Time – a Source of Great National Pride!

Aerolineas Argentinas was re-nationalized in 2008, and clearly a source of national pride — with a long haul business class that features “a screen of individual video, where you will be able to enjoy four movies” as well as 12 audio channels “with the most varied musical genders.” And there’s a fax machine.

The President of Argentina flew his national airline and tweeted,

¡Llegamos en horario! Comprobé por qué @Aerolineas_AR es una de las 20 empresas más puntuales del mundo. ¡Felicitaciones al equipo!

Let’s have a look at the tweet with some help from Google translate:

He’s really excited that Aerolineas Argentinas flew a flight on time! Now,

  • It was Madrid – Buenos Aires.
  • It’s an evening departure, after peak time in Madrid.
  • And it’s a long haul flight — which has time to make up slight delays in the air.
  • If there’s one flight they’re going to get right, it’s the one with their President…

He’s also only showing a portion of the boarding pass — no reason to highlight a seat assignment not in economy to the people I imagine.

The center-right Macri, the first non-left wing President of Argentina in a hundred years, is the former mayor of Buenos Aires and the first to allow a same sex marriage in Latin America.

Aerolineas Argentinas is in SkyTeam, its membership sponsored by Delta by the way. It’s state-owned, but Delta doesn’t seem to mind.

(HT: @pcpontificates)

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  1. The same sex marriage ocurred under the presidency of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and there were a lot of right wing presidents in the last century like Peron in his first terms and Menem, and the de facto ones. Aerolineas is an outdated airline but it’s making progress. For example, it will be the first operator of 737 MAX in South America and its FFP is acceptable.

  2. @Alan the mayor of Buenos Aires refused to challenge a lower court ruling making it de facto legal and coming under intense criticism from the Catholic church over it.

  3. Thanks for this post showing how bad Google Translate routinely is. Thank goodness we still have people trained to do translations.

    Nice to see a politician offering praise for something rather than merely bashing and accusing others.

  4. Several extreme right wing presidents during the Dirty War period (1976-83). I assume the statement was meant to be hyperbolic, but shows lack of awareness of Argentina’s political history. I do think Macri is a breath of fresh air after the Kirchner dynasty, but far from the first non left wing president in a century.

  5. @ Gary

    Why don’t you just tell us your national security, economic,and political views, your geopolitical political views, and views on social policy so you can spare us the supercilious snarky comments.

  6. Gary, clearly you don’t know why president Macri wrote that tweet. It’s a political message for a sector and not to highlight a particular flight on time.
    BTW, what it’s true is that Aerolineas Argentinas group including sister company Austral, currently have a very good performance in punctuality.
    Aerolineas faces many problems but this is not the case to be funny with.

  7. I think this Post is really inaccurate. I’m sorry but the fonts, if there were any, are very wrong.
    I flew in this company some times and works pretty fine.
    I really don’t get the point of this writing.

  8. @Gary: I understand the fax machine joke was funny when it was actually there, but AR is using brand new A330s delivered between 2015 and 2016. I’m not a big fan of AR but I think they deserve a little more credit 🙂

  9. Gary Leff,

    The 10 A330 aircrafts of Aerolineas Argentinas have a very good cabin interior and new Entertainment (with much more than 4 movies).

    There are only 3 A340 with old interior/entertainment (which should soon stop flying).

    Maybe the airline page is outdated, but you, as an expert should know that.



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