OUTRAGE: Two-Time Airplane Bomber Released, Moving to Family’s Home in Canada

Inderjit Singh Reyat — connected to two commercial aircraft bombing attempts — has been released. He and his co-conspirators were Sikh separatists whose terrorist attacks on commercial airliners were revenge against India for Operation Blue Star against the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

  • He served 10 years in prison — from 1991 through 2001 — for the June 23, 1985 explosion at what’s now known as Tokyo Narita airport. Two baggage handlers were killed. The bomb was intended for Air India flight AI301 to Bangkok with 177 passengers and crew onboard.

  • He received just 5 years in a 2003 plea agreement for “supplying bomb parts housed in a suitcase that exploded aboard Air India Flight 182” from Montreal to London the same day with 329 souls on board. The light sentence was in exchange for his testimony against two others.

  • The co-conspirators were acquitted, and he was charged and convicted of perjury related to his withholding evidence and lying to minimize his own involvement in the plot. He received 9 years in prison. He served two-thirds of that and became eligible for release into a halfway house last year.

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After a year in a halfway house he’s now permitted to move to his family’s home in British Columbia.

The man was involved in two plots to blow up airlines. One was successful taking 329 lives, and one was unsuccessful taking ‘only’ two lives. It’s the unsuccessful plot he served the most time for. And he’s being fully released because he’s believed to still suffer from “violent behaviour,” but he’s unlikely to blow up any more airplanes “unless there was a threat to his ‘Sikh cause.'”

“However if there were a threat to your Sikh cause, your risk for future based group violence is high. There is no information that indicates your political cause is under threat,” Hall said.

The man cut a deal and still helped his co-conspirators go free. And now he’s going effectively free, although until August 2018 he “is not allowed to participate in political activities for any organization, can’t contact his victims’ families and must stay away from criminals, extremist propaganda and anything that could be used to build an explosive device.”

After August 2018 it appears even those bets are off.

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  1. So where is our president on this? Known terrorist threat? Canada is our ally, I’m sure they would let us take care of this.

  2. @Steve: You might want to relinquish that GED until you can re-sit third grade geography. We are talking about *Canada* by the way. 😉

  3. @J.C.: You may want to brush up on your knowledge of current events before you assume that Steve is linking Putin to Canada.

  4. Haha, I presume he must have a bread, so he must be a Muslim. Let’s put more pressure on majority-muslim countries that have nothing to do with terrorist attacks in the US. Oh yeah, there will be more sanctions against Iran, because he must have like kabob at some stage.

  5. This is unbelievable – I cannot believe a man who helped take so many lives is on the loose again. What a complete travesty – I can only imagine how the families of the victims from air India 182 feel….

  6. @Hossein: Does it hurt when you think? Somewhere in your drivel is a retarded thought pattern struggling to find its legs.

  7. @J.C.: I guess it is too much to ask your (few cells of a) brain to comprehend sarcasm, so I’ll leave it at that. Over and out.

  8. This is much more than a simple internet outrage. It is despicable beyond imagination. For all the Canada hysteria these days with people trying to flee up North. Understand one thing it’s a once proud but now slowly decaying country full of new immigrants and older folks. Everyone in between has left for greener pastures elsewhere. This incident goes to show why Canadians will be stuck in this quagmire for generations if not more. Don’t be surprised if the Quebec City assassin gets one of these “rehab” deals in a decade or so.

  9. @AJ
    “a once proud but now slowly decaying country full of new immigrants and older folks.”

    That’s such a racist argument I don’t even know how to respond to it. You’re implying the country is decaying because it’s full of new immigrants and old people? Wow…

    New’s flash, Canada’s Middle-Class is now the wealthiest on the planet:

    “Canada is officially home to the richest middle class on the planet, according to figures crunched from the Luxembourg Income Study Database.”

    “Median per capita income in the U.S. has barely budged since 2000, while Canadians have seen their median income jump 20 percent.”


    FYI I’m not Canadian…

  10. Small potatoes. Some 2/3 of the terrorists released from Guantanamo have returned to active terrorism, with a number of them ending up in the upper echelons of leadership with al Qaeda, and ISIS. And that’s just the ones we know about….

    It would be nice if either Putin or Kim Jong-un decided to take this guy out, but they probably wouldn’t bother unless he was a direct threat to them. Showing just how insanely “Politically Correct” (sic) Canada has become is at the end of this post: “must stay away from criminals, extremist propaganda and anything that could be used to build an explosive device”…but only until the end of August 2018.

    So ignoring the fact that no one is going to be supervising him until then to make sure he doesn’t do any of that, after August he is actually allowed to ‘hang out with criminals, read extremist propaganda, and accumulate materials that can be used to build more bombs’. WTF?

    This despite the fact that they clearly state: ” if there were a threat to your Sikh cause, your risk for future based group violence is high”…but not to worry because “There is no information that indicates your political cause is under threat”. Yeah, at least at the present moment, there is “no information”, so never mind…. 🙁

  11. “since 2000….Canadians have seen their median income jump 20 percent.”

    Which is fortunate for them since the Canadian dollar, which was worth US $1.05 ten years ago is now worth US $0.765. Doesn’t help much for the median income to go up in terms of deflated Canadian dollars. And if it wasn’t for the oil sands in the West, their economy would be even worse off. We’ll be giving them a hand with that, now that Trump is giving Keystone the go ahead. 😉

  12. @Robert Hanson,

    That article was written in 2014 when the CAD was $1.04 to the USD. See: http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=CAD&view=5Y

    Your argument is absolutely fruitless.

    Trump is going to be doing nothing but taking money from the little guy and further dividing the gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S. Of course it’s easy to make fun of the other guys up North when we’re suffering down here from wage stagnation…

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