This CAN’T Be Real… Can It? Most Frightening Turkish Airlines De-Icing Ever

Tiffany shared a link to a video purportedly showing de-icing of a Turkish Airlines plane by pouring a bottle of liquid on the wing. The crew loses control of the bottle and it rolls away.

People all across the country have been purged from their jobs, the quickest way to exact revenge on an ex- is to report them to the government as a Gülenist. The Turkish Airlines CFO was tossed out in the days after the failed July coup and before the airline renamed its flagship Istanbul Business Class lounge the July 15 Heroes of Democracy Lounge.

Even so, they’re a world airline with top notch procedures and safety standards. Those haven’t just been audited by Turkey’s own safety regulators but by regulators around the world and by Star Alliance (as a condition of admittance). This simply cannot be real, actual de-icing.

Proper de-icing procedures are crucial to safety. As an 18 year Washington DC resident, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Air Florida Flight 90’ which crashed into the 14th Street Bridge as a result of failing to follow proper de-icing procedures.

I simply don’t believe it. This had to be some kind of stunt or gag. Had to be.

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  1. It doesn’t have to be a gag.

    Major US carriers have, with some regularity, been punished by the FAA for major, recurrent safety violations, despite ongoing review by arguably the most stringent air safety body in the world.

    Much of aviation regulation depends upon self-reporting, and if an airline’s culture doesn’t emphasize safety, lapses can happen.

    Plus, I’ve never heard of anyone who knows anything about air safety putting Turkish in the top tier of safe airlines – maybe for non-European/North American/Australasian carriers, but not in the top tier overall.

  2. imo: Turkish Airlines is one of my favorite carriers.
    Unaware of safety issues concerning their maintenance.
    Care less what they name their IST lounge – one of the best experiences in that part of the world.

  3. This is funny.

    They’re not in a proper de-ice truck — notice they’re standing on a beltloader. Second, the wing doesn’t even look contaminated, so there’s really nothing to deice.

  4. that’s probably the plane with my luggage on it… days later, even though i had a simple transfer. well here’s to wearing the same thing again / looking for tall person clothes in the philippines tomorrow. :/

  5. Air Florida didn’t crash due to deicing procedures but due to the fact they didn’t have the engine anti-ice turned on.

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