Delta Tried to Kick a Crying Baby Out of First Class, and Netflix for Cars

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  1. I think you are so wrong. For what 1st class passengers pay, no one under 6 yr should be allowed there like on Pan Am. I once saw Jane Pauly in business class with her new baby because of this and it’s only fair to get the privacy and solitude one pays for.

  2. @Carolynne, absolutely, if the airline promised you privacy and solitude free of children under 6, then you should get that. What’s that? They never promised any such thing? Well then, that is not what you paid for and that is not what you should get.

  3. Leave it to our politically correct society to not have any respect for other people and their rights or privacy. If your baby is screaming and crying its effecting the people around you negatively. Have some common courtesy and alleviate the problem. Move around the plane and share the misery. If you pay for first class or business you have the right quiet and peaceful surroundings. Children under 5 should not be allowed in these cabins period. Obviously the US airlines will never institute this policy, revenue, feminism, discrimination, lawsuits and farnorth is correct, not promised…..wonder what international carriers policies are.

  4. @farnorthtrader agree. My only gripe is when the parent refuse to use a pacifier.

    Of course we bought seats for the baby, even in 1st, never a lap baby, and that makes a big difference. Lap babies are human airbags, basically.

    The flight attendant is quite lucky. That it wasn’t me or my wife with my daughter.

  5. I don’t believe the story about the crying baby at all. Delta just caved and didn’t want to pick a fight because of the mom nazis out there — the same loud voices who come after anyone who suggests they shouldn’t whip out their boob and nipple in public for breastfeeding. Here’s why I don’t believe it: Look at this mom’s social media channels. She is self-promoter. This was nothing more than an attention-getting stunt.

  6. You’re either with Delta or the Mom. I’m with Delta. First class isn’t cheap. I continue to be appalled at how parents think they can inflict their noxious children on us anywhere. Personally, this goes beyond First class and extends to clubs too IMHO.

  7. The only hero here is the baby. Crying infants can be endured but not defeated, like hurricanes but a lot, lot longer. On the other hand, many an adult involved in this incident might benefit from a good, long session with a trained professional, and a few painless diagnostic tests just in case. But there was sheer genius in the idea of moving a screeching baby back into coach, squeezing the screaming tyke in among four or more abreast, unknown numbers of them borderline sociopaths waiting only for the right trigger to rush the flight deck.

  8. First class passengers expect and deserve a better experience. It does not matter who is causing the disruption. 1 year old, 10 year old, 20YO, 50yo, 100 yo.
    The infant did not care about being in first or coach.
    But in any case, the passenger doesn’t run or own the plane. Sorry, but this actually a good interaction.

  9. I’ll say this here, as I did on the Mommy Blog or whatever it was where the crying baby story originated. Airline travel is NOT public transportation. You are the paid guest of the carrier (company) and their contract of carriage states they can basically tell/ask you to do anything, including get off the plane. They are a company and they call the shots – you don’t have “rights” per se on gray areas that are not regulated by some sort of legislation. Whether any of this is the right thing to do, depends on the situation, and of course can be debated all day. Regardless, it is not public transportation.

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