8 Ways to Save in 2017 and Get Off the Elite Treadmill

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  • This is a year old, but I just discovered it — G-d tells a televangelist his faith requires him to fly private.

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  1. I was so disappointed to read in your blog “New York Times so best to open in an incognito window so it doesn’t count against your free articles for the month”. Why not actually pay for good journalism? Seems the least we can do.

  2. If one has the money (or points) to pay for domestic first-class/international business-class then it doesn’t really matter if you have elite status. I would just buy the cheapest premium class of service on a reliable airline. As for hotels, if you’re traveling on an expense account or have deep pockets then who really needs the executive/conceirge lounge with cheap finger food at night and a continental breakfast in the morning?

  3. @David Lerner – I don’t mind paying for good content. I don’t love the NYT options for this though. A basic digital subscription is $200/yr. I don’t like recurring charges/subscriptions. I would love to double the number of articles I could read vs free each month. Wish there was a non-renewing less expensive subscription, or a micropayments option.

  4. At any point in time the local psych ward has 5 or 6 gods in custody. after 72 hours they are released. I had no idea they flew private and spoke to these yahoo’s

  5. I really wish you’d didn’t suggest ways people can circumvent the restrictions publishers put on their content to encourage people to actually pay for the services that are utilized.
    Newspapers are important, the day they go away we are in serious trouble.

  6. Who the heck is giving money to the con man televangelist so that he can buy a plane? The man is literally saying he talks to God and God talks back to him.

  7. i dont understand this place, why is saying using incognito mode to read free article a bad thing? you are fed all the time with all kind of data, you dont take all of them in. why cant you post that $ saving tip on the blog & reader can choose to do it or not. unless this is the generation that cannot think for themselves and rely on being spoon fed everything.

  8. @gary leff you might want to check the NYT plans again, I just subscribed via Google Play store for $9.99/month. Works on all devices. Much cheaper than it used to be. Also gives you access to http://app.nytimes.com/ which is a recreation of the daily paper and you can read offline. I love it for the plane or commute in the morning

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