Santa’s Air Traffic Control Journey Revealed!

Air traffic control provider NATS has detailed plans for Santa’s ride. In fact you can even enter your own details and see what Santa is bringing you and how he’s going to get there (hint: US zip codes don’t work but UK ones do).

They’ve provided a NOTAM — Notice to Airmen — to create awareness for Santa’s ride.

Here’s how Santa develops his flight plan for his once a year ride:

I’m just excited because I’m getting frequent flyer miles for Christmas!

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  1. How do non Christian pilots feel about using government resources to promote one despicable religion over other despicable religions?

  2. I am not offend by obese man in red suit he sat next to me on united once and we shared smells together

  3. To “Credit”: don’t worry, not everyone is an intolerant cretin making hateful and moronic comments. You made a wise comment that deservingly makes fun of the hate and intolerance that so many people of so many religions thrust upon intelligent and open people such as yourself. Needless to say, I too will get a lot of crap for my comment, but those of us who have regard for others need to support each other despite the hate and intolerance thrust upon us. Oh, to those haters out there: you can hate all you want; in the greater scheme of things you are completely meaningless!

  4. @credit, actually Santa is a commercial pollution of the true meaning of Christmas. In fact many Christians argue about celebrating Christ’s birth on December 25th since Jesus was likely born in the Spring or Fall actually. While Santa is somewhat offensive to Christians as it has become the reason for Christmas to non-Christians it is still a fun character. Aeroflot currently had a Father Frost contest that may be more to your liking. Father Frost is the Ex-Soviet athiest version of Santa. It was sponsored and started using Soviet government funds though so I could be wrong. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah 🙂

  5. Non-Imbicile: “You made a wise comment that deservingly makes fun of the hate and intolerance that so many people of so many religions thrust upon intelligent and open people such as yourself.”

    Are you blind to the hypocrisy of Credit’s underlying claim that all religions are despicable (allegedly because they are all hateful and intolerant).
    Such a claim is about intolerant as it gets.
    There is nothing “wise” or “intelligent and open” about it.
    I dont know who is reigning hate and intolerance upon you, but you seem to have your panties in a bunch over something pretty insignificant.

  6. Credit, you sound like a sad, miserable person. No one is forcing you to be a part of Christmas or any other religious holiday. Let everyone celebrate whatever they wish with no negative comments. It’s just not necessary. Merry Christmas, everyone and Happy Holidays to all no matter what you celebrate!

  7. @Credit: As a Nondenominational Zen Zoroastrian and Etihad Millennium Falcon First Officer, I can assure you we don’t mind one bit that the world insists on spending gouvernement dollars to promote Saturnalia. In fact, I’m already enjoying the 12 days of drink and party.

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