Actor Judge Reinhold Arrested at TSA Checkpoint After Taking Shirt Off, Cursing at Screeners

Judge Reinhold played a police officer in Beverly Hills Cop (and more importantly Brad in Fast Times at Ridgemont High).

Despite his law enforcement background as Detective Billy Rosewood alongside Eddie Murphy, he was arrested yesterday at the Dallas Love Field TSA checkpoint,

for disorderly conduct after “causing a disturbance.” The actor was reportedly being uncooperative when Transportation Security Administration officials were patting him down, and refused to submit to a screening.

He “took his shirt off and used foul language” when informed that his bag alarmed and that he’d be required to go through a secondary screening.

Here’s Reinhold handcuffed at the checkpoint.

And here’s Judge Reinhold being taken out of a police vehicle into Dallas County Jail.

CBS News reports that his disorderly conduct charge is “punishable by a fine of up to $500.” So I’m not even sure what the point is here.

But it’s not as embarrassing as being being caught in the bathroom by Phoebe Cates in the most famous scene from Fast Times.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. @Gary — what do you mean when you say that, “disorderly conduct charge is ‘punishable by a fine of up to $500.’ So I’m not even sure what the point is here.”

    The point is that violating the law has consequences. Surely you don’t mean to suggest that because he is an actor, or that he has a “law enforcement background as Detective Billy Rosewood alongside Eddie Murphy” — and let’s not forget that he first name is “Judge” — he someone has immunity from prosecution, do you?

  2. Jason,

    I think he means that the fine isn’t much of anything. For an actor, it might have cost him dinner.

  3. So . . . the fine should be one rate if you are indigent, and another amount if you’re (pseudo-)famous? ;^)

  4. And he was the “close talker” on Seinfeld. I’ve haven’t much of anything from him film-wise in a while. Now he’s on a YouTube video. Judge, use this as a springboard for your acting comeback.

  5. Why did he need to be searched again? He went through the scanner without a problem. His bag set off an alarm and they wanted to start searching his person again when there was no indication he had anything on him? I don’t see why that was necessary. They just needed to search the bag. He was already cleared by the scanner. I also don’t understand why he needed to be arrested. They could have simply said you can agree to be searched or you don’t get to go forward and get on the plane. Notice he didn’t have any contraband since there are no additional charges. Instead he is delayed and missed his flight. If he had set off the scanner obviously that would be a whole different situation. Now if they told him he could leave or submit to search and he refused to leave or submit then I can see the arrest.

  6. Well, duh, after the way he attacked that guy who didn’t like his breakfast, I’ve always found him to have a quick temper.

  7. @Bill, I take it you don’t have much interaction with law enforcement . . . good for you!

    Two quick points: 1) if you start ripping off your shirt and screaming at TSA employees, you *are* going to get arrested, period; 2) disorderly conduct *can* be a “bull$#|+ charge,” as LK pointed out, but as long as his behavior was limited to creating an obscenity-filled disturbance and didn’t take a swing at anyone, that’s pretty much all he can be charged with.

  8. Forget the nuances of law enforcement, lets talk about quite clearly the perky man boobs he seems to have acquired. Is this why he hasn’t been cast in years….?

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