The Big Airlines Warren Buffett is Investing In and Easier Way to Track Bonus Spend

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  1. At least she didn’t say “ride me”

    Election of Trump ranks up there amongst other injustices of the world : like mugabwe, Idi amin and stalin dying of old age instead of like Gaddafi, dragged and then shot.

    Remember there is no karma and there is no God. Only stupid people are religious.

    By the way the Republicans are not too much different than ISIS : ends will justify any means. The isis were raping and cutting heads off, republicans were pu$$y grabbing and beating up minorities. If Americans were poorer they would be out raping and pillaging too. Civilized my foot!

  2. @Credit: I’d like to arrange for you to take a personality test …….at the closest Scientology office……

  3. @ Credit No one can say with scientific certainty that there is no God because not human knows all of everything there is to be known. Rather, I would posit that there is better chance that God does exist because He talks to me and my friends a lot. You could easily choose to say that we are nutso, but then, what if we aren’t nutso at all… again, no one can say so with 100 percent proof. I would take a chance for the idea that He is waiting to tell you all about himself but you have closed your mind to hearing Him.

  4. @Credit Yeah, Republicans are repugnant creatures. Not at all like those Dem paragons of virtue Bill Clinton and Anthony Wiener. LOL !

  5. Can someone list the regrettable airline slogans here in the comments? I can’t read them on the WSJ site because I’m not a subscriber 🙁

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