$50 Credit from Wholesale Hotel Booking Site Club1 Hotels, Use it Before Free Signups End Monday

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Club1 Hotels Free 1-Year Membership

Club1 Hotels is a membership site, and that lets them sell rooms at a discount, offering lower rates to consumers instead of taking their booking commission. They report that they make money on membership fees rather than individual bookings.

Their membership normally costs $675 for a year, but they’re giving away one year memberships that provide access to discounts (but don’t come with a Priority Pass for airport lounge access) now. It’s worth signing up just to check out pricing.

And you want to sign up right away because I’m told this free one year trial option will be disappearing November 1.

I’ve found some great rates on the site, savings on higher end properties of more than $100 per night. It’s not always that high, but definitely worth keeping in the arsenal.

Andaz Wall Street

The site isn’t particularly pretty, they’re working on the IT and report they’re launching an updated platform next week.

They’ve also shared they’re running a special for anyone already signed up for who signs up before the end of the month:

As you know, we are going paid for on 1 November.

As a token of appreciation for current members Club1Hotels are giving members $50 off their booking fees on any bookings made before Sunday at midnight. (This includes new members too who make a booking)

In addition November 1 Club1 Hotels will be launching a referral program. Current members can refer friends and family members and get $100 for every member they refer and the new member also gets $100. More details coming, but the ability to earn referrals is another reason to sign up while it’s free to do so.

So sign up for a Club1 Hotels Free 1-Year Membership (no credit card required) before they start asking for payment next week.

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  1. It seems like if you are not booking multiple rooms frequently, there is almost no way the $675 annual fee will be worth it.

  2. @gary – their website clearly states the end of the beta membership period, curious how your ‘sources’ are so different from what they’re advertising to the world.

  3. Hope they’re paying you for the plug because Club1 Hotels seems like some trash. I started some bookings to check prices. Went with With Miss Clara by Nobis in Stockholm.
    Aggregate site: $391.27 final price with taxes/fees.
    With Miss Clara by Nobis’ website: $421 final price with taxes/fees.
    Club1 Hotels? $441.33 final price with taxes/fees. The normal price is MORE than the hotel itself! “$50 off” just gets you to what you can get from a general aggregate site.

  4. Wonder what they’re promising the BA bloggers to get this thing pumped so hard. You’d think this was a Chase CC or something

  5. @Tom-$4.00 per signup plus prizes plus reportedly more $$$’s if they can entice anyone to actually pay the $695.00 membership fee once beta goes down. I posted the source a few minutes ago but it seems it never made it to press.

  6. Did anyone get their $100 restaurant.com vouchers for booking in October – I completed a booking 2 weeks ago but nothing yet?

  7. @Pete I do not disappear comments. Sometimes they go into a moderation queue as possible spam. I have been offline throughout the day and am now just going through comments for the first time since early morning.

  8. i wouldn’t say club1 is totally useless. I did find a good rate in the bay area for 2 nites. Over $200 cheaper per night, but then again prices for hotels in this area is super inflated.

  9. Pretty disappointed. I spent an hour on this site, nothing loaded, it kept crashing, and when the prices did appear, they didn’t seem to be any cheaper than what you’d expect. I also tried to recover my password during one of the many times it was logging me out, and it appears they store your passwords in a way that can be decrypted–not a good security feature, nor a sign of confidence.

    Gary, I’m disappointed in you if you’re taking money for these affiliate sign ups. A CC is one thing–at least the product you shill there is a clear product, and we can nominally understand the terms. You endorsed this site, and it seems like it doesn’t work at best, or a scam at worst. I’m pretty disappointed in you if you took money for this.

  10. Well I have something new to add to this conversation. I needed a hotel in Bangkok for next year. I am open to not earning points if the hotel is a good rate. Club 1 had a good rate for the Banyan Tree. It qualified for the $50 credit. So far, no credit. I emailed them, and they said it takes 5 business days. It has been 5 business days and still no credit. Now I am suspicious. So I contacted Banyan Tree Hotels and they have no reservation in my name. So, that leads me to believe that Club 1 is a scam.

  11. Hi JohnB, hotels generally do not have reservations until two weeks prior to the check-in date. When is your reservation for? As for the $50 credit, it does take 3-5 business days for processing. We’ll definitely take a look into your account for you. Please email us with your voucher number at MemberServices@Club1Hotels.com. We look forward to speaking to you!

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