ON VIDEO: Shocking Assault of an Airport Employee After Missing Flight

On Tuesday October 18th two Vietnam Airlines passengers assaulted a Hanoi airport employee after missing their flight to Ho Chi Minh City. They showed up at the gate 4 minutes past schedule departure time.

Here’s video.

Now D-0 frustrates me as much as the next passenger. But here the two attackers didn’t just fail to show up at the gate 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure, they showed up after departure time.

And aside from the appalling attack two things strike me about this incident.

  1. Missing a Vietnam Airlines Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City flight shouldn’t be cause for too much concern. On Tuesdays the carrier is currently operating 26 flights on the route. There would have been at least a couple of flights within the hour after this one.

  2. The Hanoi Transportation Department’s chief inspector confirms that one of the assailants was “a member of his inspection team.”

Both passengers have been banned from Vietnamese air travel.

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    And so on and so forth…..

  4. I’m glad these self entitled losers were banned from flying. Where are the criminal charges? He needs to be fired as well.

  5. Raul, you missed a few:
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  6. Who is the second assaulter? It seems as if there was only one person doing the swinging. In any case, its appalling, and they deserve to be banned permanently.

    What Im not understanding is all of this discussion around US politics when this is a completely unrelated incident. Im sure there are other forums for you guys to discuss the election.

  7. Unfortunately, air passengers usually abandon civility at the door.
    BTW, WR, as someone who served a year in Iraq I can assure you it was not the current administration that brought about the “rise of ISIS and the general disintegration of the middle east.”

  8. I hate people like WR who ruin a good joke. Yes, yes WR we get it u drank the Kool aide then went back for more. Let me guess “they took ur job”?

  9. I was wondering why the security officers were restraining the woman and not the man attacking her, but it sounds like the attacker is a high-level official in the Government.

  10. Sorry. This is the period of equality. Men should attack a women in proportion but decisively . If a women hits a man first she needs to have her face smashed.

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  11. Gary, having through Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport twice during the past six weeks and five time over the past year, I can only comment that I find the process one of the most tedious of the Asian airports I use.

    Although the structure is very modern and most of the airline check-in lines move moderately fast, the Immigration process seems to always move at glacial speed.

    Patience is required in dealing with the expressionless uniformed personnel processing and security pass through.

    Otherwise, Vietnam is a pleasure and day to day encounters with most people is enlightening.

    Likely, if the assailants have any government affliation, then nothing will come of this brutality.

  12. As George Orwell wrote (in animal farm) in a socialist/communist society “some are “more equal” than others”

  13. I find it absolutely shocking that Melissa and WR have absolutely ZERO sense of decency and continue to inject their hateful politics into something completely unrelated. Both live the sorriest of lives when they constantly have to poison the environment.

    If either of you want to spew politics, then go to a political forum. This complete lack of common sense and decency displayed by both of you is just out of line and it really keeps happening a lot on Gary’s boards. I don’t know if that is because people are less able to exert self control, are more hateful, or just wth is wrong with them but STOP IT!!! It really takes away from me reading things on Gary’s site.

    This is a TRAVEL community and as such, we do not care to mix politics – especially completely irrelevant politics – with travel. Travel is where ALL sides have the unspoken rule to discuss what we have in common and keep it in the boundaries of that playing field.

    Melissa, you really poisoned the well on this one. You. You did that. WR, you didn’t need to add salt to the wound.

    Can we all just talk TRAVEL and what brings us together instead of using this forum as an opportunity for you to spew (divisive) politics?

  14. Thank You M-Girl and others of reasonable sense. I read this as it is of interest to us as we have been in Hanoi Airport and wanted to see the issue. It is very chaotic there and crowds were spectacular. We made it through OK but it was interesting experience. I wanted to write about how we had money stolen by airline employee scanning our bags in X-ray but was distracted by this political sewer talk. I read this blog for travel insights not to hear others thoughts and juvenile comments about politics. Take your comments to your own politicians Tweet site and get a Life!
    Lets get back to travel.

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