HOTEL DEAL OF THE YEAR: Buy One Get One Night Plus Room Credit and $75 Rebate

Via Doctor of Credit, Visa Signature’s ‘Luxury Hotel Collection’ is offering a stackable promotion that’s really quite amazing for stays at Waldorf=Astoria, Conrad, and Hilton’s Curio hotels.

  • Book by December 31 for stays through March 31
  • Your last night is free on a 2 or more night stay (free night is deducted at the hotel inclusive of taxes and frees)
  • Must book with a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card through the Visa Luxury Hotels portal or with one of their concierges

Conrad Bangkok

Second night free on a two night stay is great, but it gets better. And then it gets better.

First of all, you get Visa’s hotel benefits.

  • They have a best rate guarantee, you shouldn’t be paying a higher rate to get this deal
  • You get a room upgrade subject to availability, free in-room internet, and 3pm late checkout subject to availability
  • You get complimentary continental breakfast and a $25 food and beverage credit

Basically you’re getting some version of Hilton elite benefits, though you’re not going to value most of this if you’re already a Hilton Gold or Diamond. But on top of a free night on a 2 night stay you get a $25 room credit for food or beverage spend too.

Conrad New York

And that’s not all… Seriously, Visa’s hotel offer with Hilton premium brands is like a game show host. Because if your booking is made by November 30 for stays through February 28 you should get a $75 gift card as well.

  • The gift card offer does say that it ‘cannot be combined with any other offers or packages unless otherwise specified’
  • But the offer is being cross-promoted, reference ‘also’ benefiting from the other, so they’d have a hard time suggesting that’s not specifying that you can’t combine them.

But wait, there’s more!

Visa hotel bookings generally earn points and elite status credit, and are eligible for Hilton’s double points promotion as well which runs through end of year (registration required).

You can take advantage of this as many times as you wish, though you cannot do it with back-to-back bookings. So you can’t book a two night stay at a hotel, get the second night free, and book a two night stay for nights three and four. But you could do it if you’re traveling with someone, just make a two night stay in your name and then a two night stay in theirs as long as they have a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card.

That way you can do 2, 4, 6, 8 or more nights with this getting half your nights off basically any even number of nights with two people traveling together. The $75 rebate, if it works, is one-time only but the last night free is unlimited within the promotion period.

Here are the participating hotels:

Waldorf=Astoria Conrad Curio
Arizona Biltmore Conrad Miami Arizona – Boulders Resort & Spa
La Quinta Resort & Club, California Conrad Chicago Philadelphia – The Logan Philadelphia
Boca Beach Club Conrad Indianapolis
Boca Raton Resort & Spa Conrad New York
Casa Marina Resort Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino
The Reach Conrad Dublin
Waldorf Astoria Orlando Conrad Algarve
Grand Wailea Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Conrad London St. James
The Roosevelt New Orleans Conrad Makkah
The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria Conrad Dubai
Waldorf Astoria Park City Conrad Cairo
Waldorf Astoria Panama Conrad Pezula
El Conquistador Resort Conrad Beijing
Las Casitas Conrad Dalian
Waldorf Astoria Beijing Conrad Hong Kong
Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund Conrad Macao, Cotai Central
Trianon Palace Versailles Conrad Sanya Haitang Bay
Waldorf Astoria Berlin Conrad Tokyo
Rome Cavalieri Conrad Pune
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Conrad Bali
Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Conrad Manila
Waldorf Astoria Jeddah Conrad Centennial Singapore
Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Conrad Seoul
Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah Conrad Bangkok
Conrad Koh Samui

Conrad Koh Samui

There’s some chance this is all more generous than intended, in which case my bet is that Visa will stand behind it and end the promotion early rather than reneging on the offer. But since in general you’ll be making future bookings that are cancellable there’s little risk but I wouldn’t assume this will still be around for new bookings in November and stays through February (which is when it’s best to take advantage of both the last night free and the $75 gift card rebate).

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  1. I SO want to take advantage of this deal at the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam, however the rates through the Visa site are much higher that if I booked directly through Waldorf’s website.

    Also, I’m worried about the verbiage on the rate selection page. It says the rate is buy 2 nights get one free. Not buy 1 get 1 free as the promotional page states.


  2. This is so mindbogglingly lucrative it would be criminal not to share as widely as possible!

    1. Just “as is”, this Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection (LHRC) promo gives you a free night at some potentially very expensive properties + everything else listed that comes with it.

    2. If you make sure to sign up for the HHonors Q4 global promo, you’ll get a huge bang by earning double bonus HH points for stays through Dec 31, ’16.

    3. Then there is the icing on the cake or “la piece de resistance”, which is the sort things that make HHonors the most rewarding and vibrant program out there right now, if you would just stop listening to bloggers disparage it and do your own homework!!!

    If you are a HHonors member and you book a stay through this LHRC promo at WA or Conrad, you will get additional bonus points from these 3 stackable promos, that are WA and Conrad brands-specific, and have been renewed the last 3 years running…


    Make your stay count for more. Book now and you’ll receive 2,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points for each night you stay at participating Waldorf Astoria™ or Conrad® hotels & resorts through December 31, 2016.

    B) EARN 5,000 BONUS POINTS for 2 nights

    Make your stay count for more
    Make your stay count for more. Book now and you’ll receive 5,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points when you stay at least two nights at participating Waldorf Astoria™ or Conrad® hotels & resorts through December 31, 2016.



    Make your stay count for more. Book now and you’ll receive 2,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points after completing one stay, 3,000 Bonus Points after completing your second stay, and 5,000 Bonus Points after completing your third stay at participating Waldorf Astoria™ Hotels & Resorts or Conrad® Hotels & Resorts through December 31, 2015.***

    [***Note that despite that APPARENT expiration date that suggests that this promo is no longer active, there is credible evidence that it has been automatically extended year after year until one has completed all 3 stays then it stops! When I try to register, it tells me “you already registered for this promo”, which I, in fact, did…3 years ago! So, please go ahead and register because it is still active]


  3. @ Gary, if we do multiple 2-night stays (switching between me and my wife), how does the hotel handle billing? Would they merge all the reservations and let us do one checkout?

  4. Anthony-

    What you might want to do is just stay the two nights, then leave bags in room but go down to the front desk and tell them you want to check out and your wife wants to check in, and can they just assign her to the same room, which helps the hotel out since they don’t have to turn over the room, change the sheets, etc. Then you pay for your two nights, and your wife pays two days later.

    Asking them to combine the reservations and do one check out might risk disqualification for the free nights, as well as be too much for the hotel to handle. If they combine, they might combine under one name, then you lose a free night.

  5. My opinion is going to diverse from Gavin’s a bit. I think it’s not worth the risk of someone telling you you can only have 1 free night. Get yourself a later checkout on Room #1. Have your wife check in for Room #2 while you’re still in Room #1. Move your bags from Room 1 to Room 2, then check out of Room 1. No worry about anyone combining anything.

    On other types of promos, I’d do what Gavin said. On this, since we’re talking about a significant cost difference if you catch the employee of the month at the front desk, I would play it safe and just have her check in separately. That’s what I’m going to do on ours.

  6. Does this work with the new Sapphire Reserve (which is marked Infinite, not Signature)? I do have an Alaska co-brand Signature Visa which I could use, but prefer the Sapphire.

  7. Is @Gary now censoring comments? I posted a comment this morning that contained links, so I got a message that it was under moderation, but now the comment just seems to have been swallowed. Unlike my usual “contrarian” comments, this one actually complemented your posts in informing your readers about how they can get even much, much more out of this promo I agree is the “HOTEL DEAL OF THE YEAR”…maybe even of the past decade 😉

  8. Which one?…maybe the 10k bonus one. The other two are definitely on until 12/31…

    Loyalty Lobby was under the impression that even promo (C) got extended. But the first two are already plenty good…

  9. I checked a few dates on two properties online and found the price was 20% higher booking through the Visa Signature link and in one case, not available for one set of dates. However, even at a 20% higher rate, this is a huge discount for these premium properties.

  10. @Old Flyer — my booking was 8 euros cheaper per night for the same refundable booking through Hilton’s. If you act within 24 hours, you can submit a Best Price Guarantee form through the LHRC site and they claim to price match.

    Submitted my form a few hours ago — waiting for a response.

    @DCS — thanks so much for all your great info. Was just catching up on your earlier posts re: suite upgrades on OMAAT earlier today. Super helpful. That said, your links on this post for stackable bonuses seems require booking through or the Hilton app. How is it possible to take advantage of these bonuses for bookings made through LHRC? Thanks again for your HH expertise.

  11. the rates for Conrad Manila are higher than on the hotel’s website but since this promotion includes “best rate guarantee”how do you get them to honor that?

  12. @DCS the 2 promos you mentioned for extra points says you have to “book now with plan code”but there is nowhere to enter a plan code on the visa page…

  13. Thanks for the post Gary.
    I just booked 2 nights at the Conrad Macau. I was going to do it all along but was waiting for a good deal to come up and now I have it. 🙂

  14. Thank you for the Best Price Guarantee link your provided for the LHRC site. The site shows which rates do not qualify for the guarantee. One of them is “Reward program rates, corporate/group rates, government rates and/or other rates not available to the general public.” That means the HHonors rates would not qualify, but the free night promotion is still much more valuable than the small discount for HHonors members!

    Let us know how you made out on your claim to price match. Thanks again.

  15. When I registered for the 3rd one it says the promotion is over. The first two worked but gave me rate codes I had to use. So is that useful? Can you use multiple rate codes to make them stack?

    Now as to this main promotion with 2nd night free… Using the page provided it says first night is $297 and second night is $297. (That is more than other sites are charging, but not if the second one is free, and I can always try the rate match.) But how do you actually get a free one? They just credit your bill?

  16. Everything makes sense to me except for actually redeeming the two rewards.

    What I’m thinking is that you would use the promo link with the 2nd free night stay as it’s greater value. and actually book your stay(s).

    However with the 75$ GC, they’ll send it to you after you’ve done your booking/stay. but it seems like (and this is where i’m looking for clarification) that you need to use that specific promo link to get the 75$ GC ? what happens if you don’t actually get the GC? would you call in and complain? seems a bit of a stretch but would be very happily be proven wrong!

  17. I should have booked yesterday when I was thinking about it. Would have been a great deal, $300/nt at the Waldorf Rome. Now the offer has been pulled. Oh well, live and learn. Who knew they could “sell out” of a promotion.

  18. @Ken and @lisa — Based on my past experience, I believe that all the requirement to book a given “plan code” means is that you must book an eligible Hilton rate, which is fairly broadly defined and even includes AWARD stays. The important thing is to REGISTER and then to book an “eligible rate.” To emphasize that the promos do stack with whatever else is going on, I am providing the earnings I have gotten in the past from the same promos; two were on PURE award stays and one (Conrad HKG) was on a mixture of revenue and award stay (not C+P but 2 nights cash + 1 night award).

    Note that you do not have to spend ANY money to earn points from the 3 brand-specific promos, which is another feature unique to many HH promos.

    I did not pay any attention to which “Plan Code” I booked to get the promo points below…

    21 Dec 2015 – 24 Dec 2015 — WALDORF ASTORIA BEIJING [3 promos stacked]
    — (Promo A) LRM 2K POINTS OFFER: 6000
    — Base Points: 5051
    — 2015 TRIPLE YOUR TRIP OFFER: 5049
    — (Promo B) LRM 5K POINTS OFFER: 5000

    24 Dec 2015 – 29 Dec 2015 — CONRAD KOH SAMUI [3 promos stacked]
    — Base Points: 2096
    — (Promo A) LRM 2K POINTS OFFER: 10000
    — (Promo B) LRM 5K POINTS OFFER: 5000
    — (Q4 2015 Global Promo) 2015 TRIPLE YOUR TRIP OFFER: 3352

    08 Jan 2016 – 09 Jan 2016 — CONRAD HONG KONG [4 promos stacked]
    — Base Points: 14143
    — (Q1 2016 Global Promo) 2016 DOUBLE YOUR HHONORS OFFER: 14143
    — (Promo A) LRM 2K POINTS OFFER: 6000
    — (Promo B) LRM 5K POINTS OFFER: 5000

    An early report by someone who just completed a stay booked through this visa promo (pulled so quickly it might have been a mistake 😉 ) is that s/he was recognized as HH Diamond and received “HH points credit and Diamond bonus points” for the stay although s/he was not specific.

    It’ll be great if other can also report their experience when they complete a stay booked through “lucrative” Visa promo…

  19. @Ken — Someone just completed a stay booked through this Visa Luxury Hotels & Resorts promo and reported the following over at OMAAT, which indicates that the stays will be treated as if they had been booked at

    ” booked the lowest available room category (city view King) and was upgraded to a river view executive. I asked about this at check-in and they told me it was due to diamond status. The associate said the visa category upgrade would only be to a river view king (no executive lounge access). Also, I received the promo points from the Q4 double points promotion.”

    That report makes it clear that perks that one gets through one’s HH status supersede those through the Visa Luxury Hotels & Resorts promo, and that any other HHonors activities, like ongoing promos, proceed as if one had booked through, since that poster also got the HH Q4 2x global promo bonus points.

  20. @Peter5 — That’s spelled out in the T&C: “The $75 USD Visa gift card will be mailed within 6 weeks of your completed stay to the address associated with the booking after completion of the eligible hotel stay. Void where prohibited.”

  21. Thanks. Wasn’t sure if people were receiving maybe sooner. Also, has it been confirmed that people were in fact getting this together with BOGO?

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