The Best Inflight Celebrity Encounters and What Sully Got Wrong

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  1. Gary, do you own a W-Hotel bed? has negative reviews about reduced quality and no exchanges defects. Looking for positive W-H bed review(s).

  2. I hate my W mattress. It developed a huge dip in the middle, and you can’t flip it, only rotate. I threw out the feather bed after ~1 year.

  3. It is disappointing that Hollywood once again changes the facts of a historical incident. Sadly the American public is not likely to research what really happened and the end result is that what gets shown in a film is what the public assumed happened.

  4. Many years ago, we were at an airport, late at night, waiting for a delayed flight. A mother with a toddler and an enfant had two very obviously tired and cranky children to deal with — both fussing and crying. Suddenly a woman went over and asked the mother if she could hold the baby for her. She walked back and forth gently bouncing and baby and softly singing to it until the baby fell asleep. She then sat with the sleeping child in her arms leaving the mother calm down and entertain the older child. The woman was Dolly Parton.

  5. I don’t see that Uber deal as being bad enough that Uber could say no to it. The surge cap sucks it basically means that if something goes very wrong in the city Uber will be unusable… But that’s really the least of your problems in that case

  6. *sigh*

    I’ve not seen Sully yet, but the reason I respect him so much is because he actively solicits and encourages respect for aviation security in all forms. I personally watched him calmly defend the ban on cell phone usage as a safety measure even when it was clear that it was not a threat. That’s EXACTLY the attitude we should all have. We’re not all experts. The FAA is full of experts working with a system designed to prevent the recurrence of any accident and should be respected. Sully not only understands this, but actively and publicly promotes it.

    If the film undermines his message of safety and respect in any way, I’ll be disappointed that he signed off on it for his likeness to be used. I’ll also be incredibly disappointed in Clint Eastwood for tarnishing the work of a man who saved lives and wants to save more.

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