The Kamikaze F16 Pilot From 9/11 and Much More

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  1. While i praise her courage, It’s too bad the pilot says it was a Kamikaze mission herself. While the word is a common term for suicidal mission, we must remember it was an invention of war criminals at the peak of insanity to kill others in a mass scale. I would say the F16 pilot was given a mission of a different nature.

  2. @Kim, wrong. The Kamikaze pilots were not war criminals (nor were their commanders), they were enemy combatants sent to give their lives to defeat their enemy by killing soldiers. I would say that pretty well describes what this pilot was sent to do as well.
    Not everybody who opposes your country is a war criminal. At least the Japanese did not target civilian populations to terrorize the enemy and shorten the war, like what occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  3. @ farnorthtrader. You seem very sure of yourself. I said the Kamikaze was an invention of war criminals (top level guys) as a last ditch effort around 1944-1945 in a war they didn’t want to give up. I did not accuse the combatants who had to do it. This time for F16 pilot, she not only had to deter enemy hijackers, but also knew passengers were there and knew of potential outcome of the plane actually hitting another place full of people. So, that’s a different level from a Kamikaze pilot just hitting a target full of enemy soldiers.
    If you wish to discuss Japanese not killing or terrorizing civilians. I think many people from China (Nanjing rings a bell?), Korea, or other Japanese occupied countries will have a lot to say about that. I’m not saying killing civilians are justifiable, but to say Japanese didn’t do it is not very factual. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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