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  1. I agree with you about the halvah.

    Fact is, I support the creation of a Palestinian state, but cannot abide this kind of hypocrisy. As a gay man, I could be killed by the governments of Saudi Arabia or Uganda, but nobody is pressing for a boycott of Saudia Airlines or Entebbe Airport. My safety isn’t important enough?

  2. Taking an anti-Israel foreign policy position is not equivalent to anti-semitism, so I see no reason why a German airline should be more sensitive to such things than anyone else.

  3. dbeach – the job of an airline is to get its passengers from A to B offering the best all round product, not take foreign policy positions. For that reason the original decision was ridiculous.

  4. I’m allergic to sesame, and it’s the 4th highest cause of anaphylaxis in Israel because parents have fed it to babies and they became sensitized.
    So, giving it to airline passengers is …..not too bright. I’d assume adults would know what it is , but in Israel they often mix ground sesame in chocolates. It’s on the label …in Hebrew.
    I’ve found it in such weird places as packaged sliced turkey.

    Now, Korea is another story. Even with a fluent translator I was served sesame with just about everything.
    The whole boycott/ divestment thing is pretty stupid. It isn’t going to work. Israeli Arabs are sort of second-class citizens despite having the same rights. But, this isn’t apartheid–not even close.
    As to Gaza and the West Bank, you have a bunch of rabid people on both sides.

    At the rate of growth of the Arab Israeli population (about 20% now, 6% in the 70’s), in about 50 years the populace may be predominantly Arabic unless Israel negotiates a separate state agreement and it succeeds well-enough that Israeli Arabs want to move there. They sure don’t want to move to Gaza or the West Bank now. The average life expectancy of Israeli Jews is 82 and Israeli Arabs 81. That’s the second highest of any OECD country.

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