Subway Manager Who Rubbed Lotion All Over Sleeping Woman on Emirates Flight Has Sentenced to Pay Her Therapy Bills

Vying to be the creepiest passenger ever faces stiff competition. There was the Japanese man watching porn and groping the woman seated next to him and the naked couple having sex in their seat while halfway covering up with their jackets.

You can imagine what it takes to enter the realm of creepiest passenger ever without alcohol even being involved.

And yet a 42 year old Pakistani from Staten Island who managed a Subway comes pretty close.

A 25 year old New Jersey woman had taken Xanax at the start of her Dubai – New York JFK flight because economy. Next thing she knows the man seated to her right is whispering in her ear, “I love you, you’re pretty” as she wakes up.

Emirates Airbus A380

That’s when she realized her body was ‘sticky’ and smelled of Nivea lotion. She went to the lavatory and discovered that her body — including breast, inner thighs and more — was covered in lotion and her thong had been pushed to the side.

The man admitted to crew and later to police that he did it. He claimed she ‘needed’ it and also that she enjoyed it. However he now “blame[s] the attack on a manic, bipolar episode and other psychiatric issues.”

He’s now been sentenced to 2 years in prison and the married father of 3 will have to pay restitution for the woman’s therapy sessions.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. It puts the lotion on its skin …

    Interesting irrelevant identifier there – “Subway manager”. But would not have been PC to use “Muslim” in your headline.

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