Man Hospitalized After Waiting 10 Days in Chinese Airport for Internet Girlfriend

Early Fox television is underappreciated. There were a lot of bad shows but also a lot of room to be creative. In the 1992-1993 season they aired probably the best sitcom never to make it to a second season, Flying Blind.

Am awkward Jewish kid graduates college and finds himself in early 90s recession New York and by happenstance in a relationship with a wild and uninhibited Téa Leoni. Because that happens..

The show featured cameos from several people who would later become famous such as Jill Hennessy (Law & Order), Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Andy Dick (NewsRadio). Thomas Haden Church has a recurring role.

In one of the last episodes main character Neil (Corey Parker) has an argument with his girlfriend Alicia (Téa Leoni) and goes off on his own to a film. He gets to talking with Andy Dick in line. Neil and Andy Dick are both alone, but Neil mentions his girlfriend. Dick says, “Who’s your girlfriend? Mine’s Michelle Pfeiffer in The Russia House.”

Of course every sitcom with an awkward early teen boy has the character explain it isn’t that he’s unable to date, it’s just that he has a girlfriend.. from summer camp… she lives in Canada.

41 year old Alexander Pieter Cirk flew from Holland to Changsha, China to meet his online girlfriend ‘Zhang’ but she never showed.

Mr Cirk told Chinese media that he met Ms Zhang, 26, in an app two months ago and romance blossomed.

He decided to fly to visit her, but when he got to Hunan found no-one had come to meet him.

He refused to leave the airport for the next 10 days, and was eventually taken to hospital suffering physical exhaustion, according to reports by Hunan TV.

He waited.. and waited.. and waited.

She says she thought he was joking when he sent her a photo of tickets to come visit her. And besides, she was having plastic surgery the day he arrived and had “turned off her phone.”

As Katie Dowd points out in the San Francisco Chronicle, Meatloaf would do anything for love, but he probably wouldn’t do that — waiting in the Changsha airport for 10 days!

American Express Centurion Lounge, Dallas Fort-Worth

I’m not sure whether this is a sitcom (‘I’m trying to remain faithful to my internet girlfriend’) or a movie drama.

In Before Sunrise Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy meet on a train, have an intense connection walking around Vienna — but have only a day together — and decide that they will meet back in Vienna later. They don’t exchange numbers, not wanting the intensity to fade out. Ethan Hawke shows up as promised. Delpy does not because her grandmother died and the funeral was the same day she was supposed to go to Vienna. She had no way of contacting him, but they re-meet 10 years later in Paris.

Dying grandmother and plastic surgery are kind of the same thing, right? Ms. Zhang reportedly wants to continue their online relationship.

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  1. Evolution has played a nasty game that makes men go out of their way to find mates. Nobody, especially the feminist dumbbos, talks about this apparent disadvantage that evolution has placed men at.

    Hypocrisy thy name is a woman’s name.

  2. Dude looks like Steve Buscemi as a Meth addict. That is a HARD 41.

    If she saw him and bolted, I wouldn’t blame her for it.

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