Not Sure What’s Ok to Bring Through the Security Checkpoint? The TSA Can Help!

You cannot bring liquids more than 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces) each, and not more of those than will fit in a one quart clear plastic ziploc bag (your “freedom baggie”).

But what about freezing that bottle of water before going through the checkpoint — then it’s a solid, and not a liquid. Is that ok? Ask TSA.

The AskTSA twitter account is ready to provide you with advice on these corner cases. No guarantees the employees at the checkpoint will follow policy, of course (then you’ll just have to file a misconduct complaint like everyone else). But it’s still good information to have up front.

It’s like a game of “Mother May I?” Mother may I bring my toothbrush? Mother may I bring my umbrella?

When the TSA starts to give me a secondary, they start to slide their hands up towards my special places and I often want to tell them but Simon didn’t say!

But it gets worse. Because internet.

It turns out that, yes, you may bring utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s mummified head through a TSA checkpoint.

The TSA does go on to caution that you should check with your operating carrier to make sure you’ll be allowed to bring Jeremy Bentham’s mummified head onto the plane.

They were so proud of this one, they posted it to the AskTSA Instagram account.

Mummified head? Sure, why not! Submit your whacky, weird, and downright strange questions through tags, DMs, or comments below! #GoodQuestion #QuestionAnswered #Flying #Airlines #AskTSA

The human body is about 60% water. So you couldn’t bring a person through the checkpoint. But once they’re mummified you’re not running afoul of liquid rules.

Now about that frozen solid bottle of water

(HT: Paul H.)

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