Woman on Portland Flight Breaks Down, Kicks at Cockpit, Strips Naked

There’s a video getting widespread play, and covered in several media, of a Frontier Airlines flight earlier in the week from Denver to Portland where a passenger melts down prior to takeoff.

The woman is filed screaming about whether they’re going to die, and other ramblings as well. She is on the ground in the aircraft, and the flight’s crew do the best they can to calm the situation down. She kicks at the cockpit door.

A passenger filed the event, but had the good sense to turn the camera off when she removed her clothes. She reported “stripp[ed] down to nothing.” (The passenger who uploaded the video had the kind sense to blur the woman’s face, as well.)

The flight returned to the gate in Denver and the woman was removed by police. (On Alaska Airlines this would just be treated as a customer service issue.)

I feel badly for everyone here — the woman, who is clearly disturbed; for the passengers and crew whose journey was delayed and who experienced this directly; and for the airline, because these things are both difficult and costly.

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  1. “…but had the good sense to turn the camera off when she removed her clothes.”

  2. On another blog I read it sounds like passengers noticed her behaving erratically at the gate area… It’s a good example of see something, say something.

    It’s possible that gate agents could have determined that she needed to stay off the flight before they even started boarding.

  3. ……not to be judgmental or jump to a conclusion, but wonder if the passenger had medicated prior to departure – oh, wait a moment, the flight was scheduled to depart Denver – could have been (probably was) related to Colorado Amendment 64

  4. Another ObamaCare recipient released to the public. When Trump is President, the mental hospitals will get their patients back, starting with her.

  5. and then, with all mental health facilites brimming to the rim, Melissa will whine about her taxes being too high!
    Melissa, if you stay more than 12 weeks, I’m going to complain about your cable TV package and jacuzzi privileges.

  6. don’t forget the “m”.

    A passenger fil*ed the event, but had the good sense to turn the camera off when she removed her clothes. She reported “stripp[ed] down to nothing.”

  7. What a motley crew of commenters!
    Frank, the voyeur
    Erica, the frightened knee-jerk
    davie, the drug expert with no experience with drugs
    Melissa, the dumb Republican

    Amir wins the day with an honest lol! Thanks, Amir (& Rick & Dave)

    If any of the first four were joking, you should make it more obvious next time.

  8. Gary, are you feeling ok? You just gave us an article that had something to do with nudity but didn’t let us know that “it’s only the ones you wouldn’t want to see naked” that ever do this sort of thing.

  9. @Really?!

    And don’t forget yourself, user “Really?!”…the politically correct non-gender bathroom supporter.

  10. Uh…I’m betting if this person had dark skin or looked ‘arab’ they’d be kicking the crap out of them and saying they were a terrorist. Just an observation.

  11. melissa…pathetic…although not surprising based on your comments.

    You’re not too far in line from the woman on the plane to be put in a mental institution when trump takes the office, after all you’ve already served your purpose (at least for the next 4 years).

    Unless of course you’re a 9 or a 10, then you can still be useful for some presidential grabbing (although if your body is like your brains – which I’m pretty sure it is – you’re likely a 2 or a 3…)

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