American Airlines CEO Employment Agreement Terminated, Priceline’s CEO Resigns Over Employee Relationship

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  1. What do you think is going on with Doug Parker? Does this mean the legacy USAir junkers I’m still flying thru Charlotte will be upgraded sooner, or are the rest of the fleet coming down to that level?

    After flying LAX-MIA on a 777 without Wifi, when JetBlue had a cheaper flight into my home airport with TV and wifi, I’m thinking of jumping ship sooner than when they cut our miles to nothing.

  2. The TSA is a government agency, and as such is full of corruption and waste. Employees are not disciplined or fired for not doing their jobs, or just doing them poorly. So there is a culture of mediocrity, and agencies need to continue hiring workers to continue the cycle. The only thing governments do very well is get bigger and consume more resources. They almost never decrease in size.

  3. I’m hoping that this allows Club Carlson to expand its hotel footprint. I think that HNA owns some hotels, and the cash that HNA can invest should enable expansion and modernization. As someone with both Club Carlson credit cards, I’m very happy that they didn’t get snatched up by a larger chain.

  4. Nothing to do with Doug Parker’s symbolic decision to tear up his employment contract (he’s basically no longer contractually entitled to severance benefits if he’s ousted, which isn’t very likely), but it does seem likely that the “old junkers” you’re flying on in CLT will be phased out soon. AA is taking delivery of a new aircraft every four days (which seems astonishing to me), and they’re retiring more aircraft than they get. They already have the youngest fleet of the legacy carriers, and it’s obviously getting younger every day.

  5. I was hoping that this meant the last of the big three liars was going to fade into the sunset. Alas, not the case. Too bad!

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