There’s a Town in Canada Named for a Sex Toy. And It’s Awesome.

Luxury Travel Diary has an auction for 3 nights in Dildo, a town in Newfoundland, Canada. Here’s a review of the bed and breakfast.

Wikipedia suggests that the town is most-known for its name,

The town’s unusual name has brought it a certain amount of notoriety in the same vein as Fucking, Austria; Anus, France; Condom, France; Nob End, England; Effin, Ireland; Twatt, Scotland; Intercourse, Pennsylvania; Bald Knob, West Virginia; Wankum, Germany; Mörön, Mongolia; Morón, Cuba; Cocks, Cornwall; Hell, Michigan and Swastika, Ontario

Nonetheless, there has actually been a movement to change the name:

So it might be wise to get there quickly, there’d be little point in visiting if it was called something else (although it does look quite beautiful).

What would you do while you’re there? According to Tripadvisor:

There’s also the town’s Dildo Festival.

Every summer, the town holds a Dildo festival, in which the parade is led by a wooden statue of an old fishing-boat skipper called Captain Dildo. Souvenir T-shirts, which disconcertingly read “I Survived Dildo Days,” are hot items.

Here’s a dildo circling the carousel at baggage claim. Someone put the theme to the X-Files in the background.

The funny thing is, the town of Dildo in Newfoundland is not even the only place called Dildo.

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  1. Gary used to care about his readers and write quality posts. Now he’s just giving us the shaft.

  2. Not to be outdone, Alberta has a town called Fallis, about 50 miles west of Edmonton on the Yellowed Highway.

  3. What about “So You Wanna Boom Me” airport? It’s a nice airport, most of the chairs are metal.

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