Selena Gomez Banned From China!

I get nervous standing in line for immigration in many countries, even though I’ve never gotten a second look anywhere I’ve gone. I always wonder whether I’ll get denied entry, either for no real reason at all or perhaps for something I’ve written about the country I’m visiting.

And I’ve actually done things … like taking photos on the tarmac in countries where that’s frowned upon, or used my cell phone (in airplane mode) on a Chinese airline. Or because I posted about an immigration form that specifically forbade,

Please: taking photos of the cards and documents of the person concerned

These aren’t actual security threats but to an immigration bureaucrat they could look like it. I was thrilled to receive my 10 year China visa last year, at least entering with a visa I figure I’m more likely than not to be admitted to the country. They’ve already had one look at me. My first encounter with their rubric isn’t standing in line already on their soil.

Apparently Selena Gomez isn’t quite as lucky as I am.

Her upcoming concerts in China have been scrapped, apparently because of this picture:

It wouldn’t be the first time musicians had shows in China cancelled over acknowledging the Dalai Lama.

Bon Jovi’s gigs in September, 2015 were scrapped because they reportedly used a picture of the exiled Buddhist leader during a concert in Taiwan back in 2010. Maroon 5’s concerts in Shanghai and Beijing were reportedly cancelled last year (15) after band member Jesse Carmichael sent the spiritual leader a birthday tweet.

Gomez has in the past been refused a Russian Visa out of that country’s fear she would speak out about their laws discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. She’s also flashed ankle at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Nosque in Abu Dhabi before, too.

And to think I’ve never been denied entry anywhere I’ve tried to go. But then I’m not even close to Selena Gomez or Jon Bon Jovi.

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  1. It is surprising that the Chinese government continues to be super sensitive on this topic. If she was getting on stage and calling out the Chinese government I could understand her being banned from the country, but this was over a photograph. The Maroon 5 being banned for a tweet is even more absurd. China is a really interesting place and yes there is the whole authoritarian vibe, but it is nowhere near the levels of a place like North Korea which makes these minor infractions having such a large impact soo surprising. I almost have to wonder if this is merely a pretext so they can push Chinese artists in lieu of foreign artists in hopes of keeping more of the musical revenue.

  2. I hate to come off sounding negative but people do things and figure there will be no repercussions. Selena with the Dali Lama and her “sexual orientation” stand will keep her out of China and likely Heaven as well.

    Other actors are banned from all kinds of places or they face arrest if they go there. It reminds me of the Midnight Express movie. Just use your brain and get a moral compass. Didn’t Paul McCartney serve time in jail in Japan for drugs. It’s just goes on and on. It’s like the “ugly American” syndrome.

  3. @DaninMCI

    Unfortunately, I’m not so quite sure you’re making it to heaven, either. LOL

    You seem to be casting a few heavy stones. Look within yourself first before attacking others or pretending to know their story.

    Thankfully people with your mentality are going the way of the dinosaur. And that’s the real blessing.

  4. I don’t understand how a mordern salvery advocate is called “spiritual leader” by some. What he and his predecessors did wasn’t much different from what Bin Laden did. I am pretty sure people can be denied entry to US if there is a public image of she/he along side Bin Laden.

    Yes it’s all about politics so …

  5. i was just at the mosque, right outside (and i mean by the water and still clearly at the mosque) there was this guy with his kids swinging them around making plane noises and such, for a while and rather loudly. i was just like dude, where do you think you are? this isn’t disney world.

  6. wow, this has NOTHING to do with taking pictures of tarmacs, forms, airport officials, or anything else that might be of actual concern to a traveler.

    instead, it’s about celebrities making shows of support for the king of tibet.

  7. @WW. Pro communist China troll. Not a big fan of hollywood or the pop culture but am so grateful and so encouraged for their positive attitude towards th Dalai Lama. Tibet has been under the illegal occupation of communist bchina since 1949 and that’s when the communist red army military invaded Tibet . Dalai Lama and many of his people fled to neighboring countries and Tibet still is under China’s occupation and Tibetans live under brutal China’s occupation and they are minority in their own country. Tibet is an independent nation under occupation of China and it has its own language culture religion and way of life that are different from Chinese. Am not saying Chinese are bad infact most ordinary Chinese citizens are good people and they too suffer under by their own gov. All China has to is allow religious and political freedom for the Tibetans.

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