United Blames Teenager’s Short Shorts for Her Inflight Groping and San Francisco Cracking Down on Uber Drivers

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  1. The article about the girl being touched on the United flight is kinda weird. They only provide a portion of the letter from United and not the entire letter, so I would want to see the entire letter to see if there is more context because their mentioning of the size of the shorts makes no sense in the context of the released portion of the letter. This leads me to wonder if that comment is connected to some other part of the letter which the family did not provide to the press. Also, this article leaves out the part where she claims he said she could rest her head on his shoulder so that she could sleep and apparently the touching happened after that (not really clear if she took him up on the offer or where her mother was at the time of that). What someone wears does not mean they should be sexually assaulted, period. I always wonder though why is a mother allowing a 15 year old girl to dress inappropriately to begin with? I see this everyday with young girls in various states of undress and then the mothers want to get indignant when someone makes a comment? I can’t imagine that a FA would refuse to move a girl who is claiming to have been groped to a different seat.

  2. Hopefully this will help weed out some of the horrible uber and lyft drivers in SF. It has gotten so bad, I am almost ready to switch back to taxis and buses…

  3. @Gene Could not agree more about the quality of a lot of the Uber drivers here in SF. Oddly, I think that the quality of taxi rides has improved since Uber and Lyft gained a foothold. Either the lousy taxi drivers have switched to Uber/Lyft or the remaining taxi drivers have realized that passenger experience may actually be important. Flywheel works well for taxis in SF. Post a reply if you’d like my referral code for Flywheel (I think it gets you $5 off first ride)

  4. @BushParadise Austin voted to crack down on Uber/Lyft (though they put off implementation of the regs until after the November elections — hah!) and now they’re up for referendum.

  5. Good thing she wasn’t ‘inappropriately” dressed on Southwest, they’ve been known to kick women off the flight for ridiculous things such as wearing tank tops, shorts, low cut tops anything deemed too sexy by some old farts or jealous f/a’s. Sad that they are actually given the authority to kick women off flights for this.
    I agree the girl should be wearing “appropriate” clothing but that is really between she and her mother. Groping is not permitted anywhere without permission, regardless of dress.

    I do also see young girls dressed as though they are prostitutes on a regular basis and wonder what on earth their parents are thinking but again, not my kids so not my decision. I don’t think it is smart but I also think half the parents out there are parents because they were dumb to start with and didn’t think about the consequences of their actions.

  6. Most of the laws passed by liberals are well intentioned. There was a just cause for them. But they stay on books for too long, lose the context they were written with and frankly just end up being squeezed and exploited by fake liberals to enrich themselves.

  7. You mean Uber whose main business of operations are now located in in BERMUDA to evade US taxes (see Uber International C.V. located in Hamilton (Her Majesty), Bermuda). Shutdown these two companies…..but I do like watching those videos of Uber drivers getting slapped around by passengers for 1) acting “politically correct”, and 2) for not having a unbreakable plastic barrier between the front seat and the back seat for this specific reason.

    You like the Uber rides? Oh yeah…..crap.

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