Find Out How Uber Drivers are Rating You After Each Trip

After each Uber ride, you can generally rate your driver. For the most part the ratings are 1-5. For a short while in Austin Uber was testing having riders rate their drivers with emojis.

  • As Uber signs on more and more drivers, they institute minimum ratings that drivers must maintain in order to stay on the platform. Uber’s local customer service may also reach out when you give an especially low rating.

  • Those minimum ratings can increase. So drivers do want to be rated well. That’s why you’ll see some cars offer bottled water or candy for instance.

In certain markets Uber has offered UberVIP where if you’ve taken enough rides in the market you can opt to only have the highest-rated drivers. However that can mean longer waits for a ride.

Uber drivers rate you as well. Although it doesn’t matter nearly as much. Consistent problem customers can be invited to no longer use the platform — and either get a new phone or take up with Lyft instead.

A rider’s number is more of a curiosity. Uber will tell you your number. You used to have to ask. Now it’s in the app. And in fact they will now give you your average rating to two decimal places.

My average rating is 4.77:

Now, I have only tipped a driver once. That was near the Seattle airport when someone in my party got sick in the car. They didn’t make a mess, but it was still pretty gross and I felt I had to make good.

One of the unique selling propositions of Uber is that it’s cashless. You get in, you get out, there’s no friction in the process. I wouldn’t object per se if there was a tipping function (the way there is in the Starbucks app) even though I do not like tipping culture. But I am not going to start carrying cash for that purpose.

Some drivers report in their discussion forums that they rate down customers who do not tip. In my case it hasn’t hurt my score. And I do not think I would care if it did.

Want to know your score? Here’s how:

  1. Open the Uber app.
  2. Choose ‘Help’ from the menu
  3. Then ‘Account’
  4. Then – about 10 items down – “I’d like to know my rating”

You’ll be offered a screen that gives you the chance to see your average rating from all the rides you’ve taken.

Want to know how your next driver rated you?

  • Check your score before the ride
  • Check your score after you’ve received your next rating
  • Do math

Let’s say I’ve taken 20 rides and have a 4.50 rating.

  • If I have a 4.52 rating after the ride, it means the driver gave me a 5.
  • A 4.48 means the driver gave me a 4.
  • A 4.43 means the driver gave me a 3.
  • A 4.38 means the driver gave me a 2.
  • A 4.33 means the driver gave me a 1.

An unchanged rating means you haven’t been rated for the ride.

(HT: One Mile at a Time who has a 4.6 rating.)

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  1. I am an uber driver rated 5 star, tips are greatly appreciated as we are performing a service and if u were in a restaurant or bar u would leave a tip , I never expect a tip but it’s nice to get one, anyone who rides with me gets a 5 star rating just because I feel that I shouldn’t be given a platform to influence someone’s ability to get a ride that they need based on knowing them for 10 minutes in my car, I also feel that unless the driver is ignorant in some way, drives recklessly or fails to get u to your destination then there is no reason to not give that person 5 stars

  2. @ James Crawford: The vast majority of Uber drivers are as intelligent and conscientious as you. The ones you see here crying are not the norm.

    Of course people should tip their Uber driver and now that it’s in the app there should be no excuse not to. Still, almost all of the Uber drivers I talk with state that almost nobody tips and I, for one, can’t understand why. But it is what it is. The vast majority handle it like you with responsibility and maturity. Others, though, are snowflakes and with their sense of entitlement are in perpetual whiny little biatch mode. Sucks to be them.

  3. It turns out Uber drivers are not that nice. I tipped every single one of my drivers since 2015. Have always been kind and polite. Have never taken a ride drunk or been unfriendly. I’ve always given every one of my drivers a 5 star rating (even if some drive like maniacs and had no idea where they’re going – I’ve never complained about this though because you never know if someone is just having a bad day). And yet I have a 4.8 rating. I guess I won’t be tipping any drivers going forward and forgetting the 5 stars. Whoever gives a poor rating for no reason are just ungrateful people.

  4. Natalie, I am in the same position. I am always polite and give my drivers 5 star ratings and tip them, but was actually disappointed and discouraged today. Just because I didn’t engage as much as today as usual and apologised for being tired, the guy must have graded me down. I went from a 5 to a 4.96. What the heck!

  5. My rating has gone from 5 in the Uk to 4.5 after 4 trips in the USA, Why? I think because I did not tip, have taken 45 rides in the UK and had a perfect rating. Had a friend who said the same, her rating always goes down when she visits the USA. I find this wrong, especially when most of my USA rides are when I am in the hot zone and I pay much more, so why tip.

  6. Im in the same situation as many of the above comments. I was on a 5 star rating for a while until I started using uber more regularly. I have never been drunk or sick in any of the vehicles. I talk to the drivers if they start a conversation. If not I am still polite but quiet, as I understand not everyone is a talker. I have read that you can lose your rating if you book small trips or if you dont tip, I hope for everyone’s sake….this is not true. A ride, is a ride….isnt it?

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