How Come I Didn’t See Any Bears…?

Via the Billings, Montana Billings Gazette comes this review of a Yellowstone National Park lodge:

    Real or Apocryphal?

You see, what they need is a bear butler. Like Mr. Belvedere, but for seeing bears and without the life lesson at the end of each episode.

Although making it too easy wouldn’t be satisfying either, and just feels wrong, as Hank Hill taught us.

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  1. dear Gary and the 2 morons who posted above: it’s 2016- the time when everyone tries to make their point thru fake reviews, fake posts, fake reports of, well, just about everything _____ (fill in the blank). fake notes on restaurant receipts in the tip section showing one form of ‘intolerance’ or another. and, finally, fake ‘look how stupid people are’ things like this (perhaps even the ‘reporter’ or editor from the pulitzer prize winning Billings Gazette looking for clicks- mission accomplished, btw).

    either that, or someone with a dry sense of humour. in a world full of rather dim people, i realize there is an expectation of a ‘lol’ @ the end for the benefit of said dim’s to clue them in to the sarcasm. but that is really the point of sarcasm- for idiots like ‘credit’ above to take it literally, and for brighter bulbs to get the tongue in cheek…

  2. @abby – as one of the two “morons” who commented above, if you think my response was serious, then we have a pretty bad case on our hands of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Also, you probably should refrain some commenting in pubic forums until you learn how to use capitalization and how to spell the word “through.” But thanks for playing.

  3. @ Credit, I haven’t decided who I’m voting for just yet but bafoons like you make it a bit easier deciding. The ONLY reason Trump has gotten anywhere this year with the voters unlike years past is because the nation is sick of the bs in Washington. If you don’t think the current administration is the idiot then my friend its you that is the odd one out. When trump can carry Hawaii, Michigan and almost everywhere in between it’s not the “idiots” voting, its people mad as hell sending a statement.

  4. While some of the folks commenting seem to thing this is a hoax, I don’t have that much confidence in the intelligence of many Americans. I found dozens of “dumb reviews” that sure seemed genuine to me when browsing through some other NP Info. These started a comical discussion on a work-internal travel forum. Here’s an article from a Billings, Montana paper of “poor” reviews for Yellowstone. Note that you have to page through them one at a time with the arrows.

    One of the previous reviews I found gave the NP a poor because one of its concession stands served substandard tacos. Gee, I hate when that happens too, but …

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