Inflight Bachelor Party Causes Flight Diversion and 45,000 Korean Miles Offer

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  1. It may not be the as common as it used to be, but I still occasionally see one way fares costing more than round trip. It seems to occur when I see a low miles redemption availability on one leg only of a trip. The one way fare on the leg without the favorable miles redemption is about the same or just slightly more than the round trip fare. Of course, there is then no point in doing one way with dollars and the other way with miles.

  2. I see many international flights with United, where one way fairs cost more than round trip. IAD to LHR for instances. One way for economy priced at $1506 on June 10. Round trip cost for a week in London at $1195.

  3. white supremacists? Who says so? Refer this poor man to a doctor who can help him to understand HIS problem. Did they speak English? Anyhow he had his story and you too

  4. I see this on international flights sometimes. For example:
    Swiss MIA-ZRH-MIA round trip $820
    Swiss MIA-ZRH one way $2,839

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  6. @ZO: Or in this case, the absence of one!

    As for clickbait headline number 5: What happens when a black guy sits next to two white supremacists? Nothing, apparently. “Barthwell eventually got his new seat. But he remained taken aback by how hard he had to work to get it.” Good heavens, I hope Lufthansa is paying for his counseling for PTASD (Post Taken-Aback Stress Disorder). He had to ask twice. TWICE! And then when he went back to the airport NO ONE WANTED TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT! Quelle horreur!

  7. So, all you smug commenters criticizing the black man who was seated with the racists, you think he was over-sensitive? If you were sitting by two people of a different race and they were openly discussing getting rid of white men in the U.S., how much better the country would be once the minorities finally took over, how important that was, how to do it, etc. (as you are sitting right there with them), YOU wouldn’t be distressed? Scared? Concerned?
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