Airport Workers Confess Their Sins: Just Because They Serve You Doesn’t Mean They Like You

Travelers share their secret affair confessions at PostSecret.

Airport workers share their confessions using the Whisper App.

In the immortal words of Kevin Smith, “just because they serve you doesn’t mean they like you.”

Here are some of the airport confessions:

It’s a good idea to bring Starbucks gift cards for the people you meet along the way, if only as a defensive measure.

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  1. As Designated Judge of Pop Culture Knowledge, in acknowledgement of the clever use of Clerks, I hereby absolve you of the sin of mischaracterizing the OK Go music video as an airline promotion.

  2. Fair enough. But there’s a flip side to that coin. Saying ‘good morning’, smiling and going my merry way, whilst pretending I didn’t get the passive agressive jab, doesn’t mean I care when upper management fire them.

  3. Lesson: Treat those who serve you with respect.

    I mean, that should go without saying, but some people are at their absolute worst when traveling..

  4. Thanks for the Starbucks gift card advice from other posts.
    I picked up on that and have since stocked my travel wallet with $5.00 gift cards to pass out to FA , GA and lounge employees who go above and beyond. They are always accepted with a big smile and thanks for noticing comments.
    “no one wants to be treated like they are invisible”

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