Sometimes the Miles Just Aren’t Worth It

Aeroplan is offering 100 miles if you accept text messages from them by February 29 and they tell you to anticipate 2-3 texts per month.

There are those who would argue that awards are earned One Mile at a Time and so 100 miles should seem like a really appealing reward. I’ll certainly earn my 100 miles here and there, from the smallest online purchase to the occasional online surveys (most useful for extending the life of miles, or generating partner activity in all-too-rare partner earning promotions).

And indeed Aeroplan requires activity in an account every 12 months to remain active. Goodness knows I want to protect the half million Aeroplan miles I’ve got, although a simple transfer from American Express Membership Rewards — or better yet of 1 mile from Starwood Preferred Guest (one of the neat prerogatives of Starwood Platinum status — no minimum transfer amount) — does the trick.

I realize that I’m a dinosaur, I e-mail, I rarely text. I also don’t keep my phone next to me when I’m home, and alerts are usually off. I don’t want brands texting me, and if it’s worth buying my attention permission to text me costs a whole lot more than 100 miles.

How many miles would it take to get you to accept marketing via text? How small a mileage offer do you just ignore?

Terms and conditions:

Member must both subscribe to and confirm that they want to receive Aeroplan Text Messages by texting their Aeroplan Number to short code 27767 from their mobile phone between December 7th, 2015, and February 29th, 2016. One-time bonus of 100 Bonus Aeroplan Miles, regardless of how many times a member unsubscribes and re-subscribes. If members have previously subscribed, they won’t be eligible. Bonus miles will be credited to the member’s account no later than 4-6 weeks after the qualifying activity has been completed. In order to be awarded the bonus miles, members must be subscribed to receive Aeroplan Text Messages at the time of crediting. These miles are not eligible for Aeroplan status. The member is responsible for determining whether their wireless carrier supports text messaging and if their mobile device is capable of receiving text messages. Standard text messaging rates and/or data charges may apply. Check with your carrier plan for your standard messaging fees.

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  1. Agree with you on this one. I don’t understand why so many people feel the need to be constantly connected. I value my quiet time and my privacy.

    Getting text messages from companies, following brands on facebook, getting constant updates from “friends” on facebook about the details of their daily lives, etc. I just don’t get it. If that makes me a dinosaur, so be it.

  2. I used to go for these small potatoes offers a lot more, but other opportunities for earning miles (MS and signup bonuses) are so much more lucrative (for now) that it just doesn’t make sense anymore to go for anything less than 1000 miles. For me, the exception that proves the rule is E-miles. I still run through my accounts every now and again (made much easier by keeping track of them on Awardwallet) and click the 5 mile offers.

  3. Copy/Paste?

    Why mention one mile at a time?

    There are those who would argue that awards are earned One Mile at a Time and so 100 miles should seem like a really appealing reward.

  4. To be fair, I signed up for this the last time they offered something like it and I have yet to receive a single text.

  5. Unless I can get at least $50 value out of an offer (or multiples of the offer), I no longer bother. This has doubled my free time, as I have stopped reading the hundred-or-so blogs promoting $10 off gift cards (1 per account) and the like.

  6. Would be curious to see a blog post on “Should you set up an account just to collect 100 miles?” rather than “I have half a million miles, is it worth the time to do X for 100 more?”

    I think the vast majority of people have accounts with the major air & hotel players but very few have more than 1 account within each alliance, excepting those set up to collect credit card signup bonuses (e.g. British Airways)

    In my case I don’t find it worthwhile to go thru the hassle to sign up for Aeroplan just to collect 100 miles. OTOH, I might very well sign up even if I already had 500k miles, because you never know how many miles you will need. Case in point: late last year I redeemed 400,000 American miles for 4 tix and ended up having to do an SPG transfer. Would rather not have done that but the point is every mile counts and they count even more when you have enough to do something really interesting.

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