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  1. The Marriott link didn’t work for me- said that it was only good for people accumulating miles, not points…

    Thought the Silvercar article was poorly thought out, and more about the blogger’s preconceptions, rather than really understanding Silvercar-

    “Simplicity is the new luxury”- I agree, but then he cites AirBnB as an example, which is completely wrong. Nothing is easier than a hotel- I show up, they have all my details in the computer, issue me a card and I walk to my room in a few minutes.

    “Buy only what they want, pay for what they use and use their mobile device to do it.”- they don’t let you buy what you want- they only rent silver Audi A4s! It’s like Henry Ford selling Model T’s- any color you want, as long as it is black. I know that’s Silvercar’s slogan, but it’s really more applicable to Spirit, or overseas, Tune Hotels (I just started laughing when I checked in and the woman asked me if I wanted 1) towels 2) air conditioning 3) TV!).

    “Get: First-mover advantage”- ummm, yeah, because no one else thought about renting cars at the airport before?

    “Think mobile (apps) first”- OK, not everything is wrong in this article- that’s really the best thing with Silvercar, though I’m not sure why none of the competitors have rolled out a similar app yet.

  2. PS- forgot to mention the blogger really ticked me off at the beginning by claiming that Silvercar is like Uber, when it’s not (other than both involve cars and both have mobile apps). Silvercar is like the St Regis/Four Seasons/Hyatt of rental cars- a consistent luxury experience at a premium price, assuming that they eventually stop offering big credits.

    Flightcar is the Uber of rental cars- using slack capacity of people’s cars is much closer to the original Uber conceptual model then a fleet of silver cars in a warehouse.

  3. @George,
    Link worked for me & I am a points guy. If you log into your Marriott account, you should be able to navigate to your promotions page and register there.

    Once you register, a second Megabonus offer appears, which for me, was “earn 15,000 bonus points after 20 paid nights plus 3,000 bonus points each additional night, up to 30,000 bonus points”

    Once you have completed the first two bonuses, a third offer will appear

  4. Perhaps the MegaBonus is for targeted members only. The link took me only to my Rewards sign-in page, and once signed in, it said “No New Promotions”.

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