Passenger Injures Self in the Bathroom, Attacks Co-Pilot on Flight to Beijing

There’s something about airplane lavatories that causes passengers to go a little crazy.

Coach passengers get arrested for using the premium cabin lav. People unthinkingly go in without shoes on. And lavatories even lead to legislation. Celebrities use them for smoking pot.

Emirates Airbus A380 First Class Bathroom (with shower)

One man got stuck in a lavatory and couldn’t get out for landing. One celebrity walked out of an airplane lavatory flashing her breasts.

So it really shouldn’t be surprising that a passenger injured himself in the lavatory on KLM flight KL897 on Sunday.

That same passenger also attacked a co-pilot in the aircraft’s galley. Passenger and crew then subdued the individual. The plane continued its journey to Beijing uninterrupted, where a contingent of police officers met the aircraft.

“On Sunday, January 3, on board flight KL897 en route for Beijing, a confused passenger locked himself in the toilets and inflicted slight wounds on himself,” the airline said in a statement sent to AFP.

“He then slightly wounded the co-pilot in one of the kitchens in the cabin,”

An airplane lavatory is sort of like a full moon. It brings out the crazy.

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  1. @Mark

    Lol, tell me about it.

    It’s funny how he takes the word “wounded” and then turns it into “attacked.” All news sources about this incident carefully crafted their language to say that the co-pilot was injured, without any speculation as to the motive or intent of the passenger when the injury occurred. But of course, not the Holy Leff. He’ll dig up an obscure news source (based in the Philippines, no less) that calls the passenger an “attacker.” “Attacked” gets more clicks so that’s what we’re going with, people!!

    Oh Leffyboy. You digest information and expect us to marvel at your excrement. Go on, tell us how the Chinese courts will rule this case. You’re a legal expert too, right?

  2. mark and david,
    why you would bother investing your time and energy here if you dislike gary so much?
    stop advertising to the whole world that you are sorry ass, bitter losers who got too much spare trolling time.

  3. Steven K you are a vicious attack dog. This is a blog open to comments from everyone. Just let it be.

  4. I’m actually impressed the other way with how fully researched this is, with links to 6 previous blogs about odd bathroom incidents- Gary’s got a great memory of his prior blogs (and of course a search function).

    As for the criticisms as to off topic or sensationalistic, clearly this is a topic that resonates with the author. I would think after the first 3 bathroom blogs, you would just move onto another writer.

  5. @ David,

    And most news sources I see say “attacked”-

    Channel News Asia- “Attacked and slightly wounded”

    Channel News Singapore- “Attacked pilot after self-multilation”. Also reporting that witnesses say the man somehow picked up a knife or a piece of broken glass

    Die Tagesspiegel- passenger attacked the co-pilot

    NewsRU- “he attacked him with a sharp object”

    Basically, the only ones who don’t say attacked are the first reports, that only quote the KLM press release.

  6. As I’ve said many times before, I like Gary’s blog. In the past, the blog was mostly useful, value added tips/information. Over the past year or so (?), these types of “content” (i.e., drivel) have watered down the blog significantly. It’s a (sad) attempt to garner additional clicks.

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